in memoriam

pour elle

preparefor worstfatal hoursfall ebonyseas goto garden surrender to storm see sea shine spectres submergedin shadowof sea say goodbyeto horizongo to garden watch wheelhurlin hell nightintolerable dawnin possessionof dead bloodin mouthmakes...
Tommy Dodson Sings Pobre Daniel

‘Danny Boy” In Spanish

I collect Pez candy dispensers.


let legba into heart

wheels on fire

let legbainto heart ô let legbainto your heart let himwash woundunder black sun meet in morningplace pebblesat feetforetellwhat passedbefore eyes milkinblood from murderedmoonflamespacebreathforce bodydestitute flameweeping remember endure go silenceriverremember remember remember Still timelabourof lamentations burntbodies countnumberwithin number feteon flesh Oceanbeloved...

relation with poetry of the english language

asked here in an interview about my relation with poetry of the english language. i replied very quickly, none not now, or of my time or even of the last century. dylan thomas & hart crane, ed dorn but...