let legba into heart

wheels on fire

let legbainto heart ô let legbainto your heart let himwash woundunder black sun meet in morningplace pebblesat feetforetellwhat passedbefore eyes milkinblood from murderedmoonflamespacebreathforce bodydestitute flameweeping remember endure go silenceriverremember remember...
Tommy Dodson Sings Pobre Daniel

‘Danny Boy” In Spanish

I collect Pez candy dispensers.


un poème confessionnal

alison from adelaide

1wantedto wash you weepingwhite mini skirt so short& white wantedto wash you from within held brushagainst back biting tongueso taut i wasn'tbreathingany more just murmuringagainst whitewall withwhite painting weepingwhite so whitefanon fought we would be released in ringsof circles from...
no consolation


1. stutterstutter change corethere arethese dreamswhich come to memore truththan fictionthat my tragedy tore portraitto shreds ignite tempestin gardensleep sing to spectres blindness curebelieve immutable fact bornin shallow graveamongst wildflowers flood comesstorm begins sing to spectres 2. tear apart...