believe in beloved

god's gone

god'sgone gravenbuddha"s brokensleepchipped choppedgod headshere intactin hell we wear scarfacross scar sightbecomessight becomes effigyfierce mutebreak silenceclear dedicated body enduresremembrance shadowa life very littletime timeunknown timedry bellnot refuge feathered his legseplumée...
Tommy Dodson Sings Pobre Daniel

‘Danny Boy” In Spanish

I collect Pez candy dispensers.



relation with poetry of the english language

asked here in an interview about my relation with poetry of the english language. i replied very quickly, none not now, or of my time or even of the last century. dylan thomas & hart crane, ed dorn but...
un poème confessionnal

alison from adelaide

1wantedto wash you weepingwhite mini skirt so short& white wantedto wash you from within held brushagainst back biting tongueso taut i wasn'tbreathingany more just murmuringagainst whitewall withwhite painting weepingwhite so whitefanon fought we would be released in ringsof circles from...