In another time they would have told you to spread your wings.


We sit together and remember that time. When it was possible to think each other as geometric symbols in a system that we would never understand. I love you. ...
The Art of Kresman

An artist’s life

What’s really terrific about Black History is that it’s American History.

And the World called him Satchmo: The Remarkable Louis Armstrong

The Art of Kresman

An artist’s life

Although Jacquelynn Kresman was born in Lorain, Ohio, she came west with her parents when very young and has always thought of herself as a ‘native’ of beautiful San Diego, California. The family built a home in the Point Loma...
serpents sings

calmness of cadavers

contemplate calmness of cadavers though they twitch song serpent sings serpents sings harrowingly of horizon innocence illusory scorpion said grief extinction emancipates continuous cloud mist empire endedin fecal fog embarked encountered expelled flowing impassable passage fields fertile with Fallen falling...