It is going to take ALL of us

What now?

When the American Revolution came to an end after the siege of Yorktown, legend has it that General Cornwallis ordered his band to play an old English ballad called “The world turned upside down” as his army came out in surrender to George Washington. For me and more than half this country, that is the feeling that greeted us on waking Wednesday morning. All that we knew, expected and hoped for had been dashed. We were disappointed, confused, hurt and angry. Yes, very, very angry. And then the recriminations began... Well, I am not looking to blame Berners, or Jill...
We must not let it

History retweets itself

United we have a chance

Divide and rule

The resurgence of fascism

NOT the golden dawn

The golden dawn, the acceptance of the extreme right into government in Norway, the resurgence of the worst kind of Nazis in the Baltic, Austria & Hungary, Greece - the media romance of France with the front national - these...
Sessions drawls out DACA sentence as POTUS pats his foot


(Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions calls a media conference. Since graphically it is impossible to reproduce Mr. Sessions’ very genuine southern drawl – which is personified in his comico-serio name – that fact constantly should be kept in mind while...
Comparing a dialog - prediction to the real thing


I requested a reprint of my below dialog, which appeared in this space two years ago. I did so, not to boast of any great prescience on my part, rather to demonstrate how any one of us easily could have...
POTUS suggests he is Rushmore-worthy


Perhaps you have not heard;Mount Rushmore is incomplete.Those guys up there are absurd’They are, all four, at his feet == With, maybe, one exception:Yes, yes, he will allowAbe Lincoln, without objection.He’s one big hero – wow! Unlike the...
Oval Office Occupants Often Overlook Obvious Omens


Writer’s Note: The real President does not recognize the term, but the attempt to keep up with his rapidly shape-shifting shenanigans is nothing short of, “Chaos” (POTUS is in dialog with his alter ego.) ALTER EGO: Are you nuts?!POTUS:...
The U.S. Capital is Rendered Mute


How long will the neutered, ninny nincompoops in Congress just sit there in their own excrement, while a raving maniac driver, hauling Super Trailer U.S.A., continues hell-bent for leather down the road to perdition? They, and they alone, hold the...