a paeon to the resilience of David’s people


Written at the beginning of the millennium. Twenty years later, with the rise of vitriol and violence still in pursuit of a people as old as the Pyramids, a reprint is timely. With faith and family intact, they survive the crucible of cruel Egyptian bondage. Even as they watch the Red Sea roll over the remnants of Pharaoh’s army, little do they know that suffering in the shadows of the pyramids would be counted among the least of their trials. After two score years of desert-wandering, and armed with a ten-point, divine mandate for living, they...
A work of historical 'fiction'

Terrible Knowledge

The Little Prince Of Brooklyn

Mommy sick

Micro-musical about John Brown

John brown – Antebellum Avenger

William Lloyd Garrison headed the Abolitionist Movement. Both he and Frederick Douglass used flaming oratory alone in furtherance of their cause. These impassioned men could only sit and pat their feet as the religious zealot John Brown set about attempting...
Personal account of wartime Philadelphia, in poetry


On D-Day in Philly, in Forty-Four,I, at fifteen, sat on the floor – All night long, as it turned out to be –It was finally D-Day, a big deal for me. The radio screeched from the undersea cable.I pressed my...
The Little Prince Of Brooklyn


Mi Abuelita (Laura Maria Rosa y Mendez) was born in 1896, two years before Yanqui troops invaded. She and all of my father’s side of the family are Jibaros that come from a small town in the mountains of Puerto...