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Just before the election is probably not the best time to post a photo essay. Then again if you (like me) try to tune out the final few days and just wait for the damn results, then this might be a good distraction. This little collection is mostly stuff from the last month or so. This season’s harvest.

Old Truck

I love this old wreck.


One very fancy dragonfly stopped to perch on a dead teasel.


One day, an Osprey passed my way.

Spiderweb dew

Morning frost turned to dew and revealed all this handy work.

Colorful Junk

Colors like this are earned over many years.

Roosting Heron

I snuck up on this roosting Heron. He didn’t appreciate being woken up at all.

Great Horned Owl

I’ve photographed this Great Horned Owl several times but usually at twilight. I was happy to see him out early.

Dew covered mushroom reflecting the blue sky.


I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get up close to Kingfishers but invariably they see me before I see them! They cackle as they flee as if they are laughing at this foolish human.

Robert Easey

Robert Easey

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