A summer breeze,
The Butterfly Effect –
They are both at ease, till –
“What the hack!”

Well, that’s my point,
Your brilliant round-heads --
They’re out of joint;
You’re off your meds.

You know what I’m capable of;
You’ve used me thus far;
I’ve served you below and above.
How do you think you’ve come this far?

The wisp you required when first fire you lit;
The breeze-scent you used when hunting;
The pleasure you felt just to sit
Under an air-cushion bunting?

Then came the time you took to sea.
Ah, you got to know me well, then.
For, without me thus, where would you be?
Stuck – back in that old stodgy den.

But, no, once you learned to use me well,
Out on the briny deep,
From sun-up till nighttime fell;
It was I who lulled you to sleep.

Yes, there were times I got a bit rough;
But you studied all that, too.
You learned that, despite me, you could be tough.
You conjured up new derring-do.

Without me you’d still be there on dry land,
Crossing the long miles afoot.
But, then, you found me – “Strike up the band!”
Now, it’s off to where e‘er the winds put.

A continent with creatures
Of your same design
Lay unknown, its hidden features
Protected by brine.

But, one of you, bravely
Used me for his venture.
Those who followed, knavely
Committed acts of censure.

No matter how I rattle;
No matter how I roll;
You bear me and you prattle;
You withstand all the toll.

But, never before did you use me thus:
Such brilliance did you bring.
It set the crown before us;
Upon me did you take wing!

Not only to the inner sky
Did you upon me soar?
You took yourself to another high,
Where you needed me no more.

Among the planets now you float,
Beyond my earthbound ken.
You now revel in your remote
And quiet, windless Zen.

But, back on earth at home you are,
And where you’ll always be,
I still can topple your damned car
Or churn a listless sea!

With all the force I yet command,
You still burn fossil fuel.
You must see that idea’s not so grand;
It is not energy-renewal.

You use me now in doses small,
To turn some of your wheels.
But lately you’re a big, brick wall,
While the environment bell peals.

A better effort is now required,
With sun and wind and waves.
You cannot go on, being mired
In ancient monsters’ graves.

The earth is a cosmic beauty,
Singularly known.
It is a universal duty
Not to let her turn to stone.

You are her stewards,
Ye brilliant folk of earth.
She has no other wards;
‘Twas she who gave you birth.

Just as she has nurtured you,
Thus it is your turn.
You certainly know just what to do;
Her gratitude you must earn.

Let not her rising waters flow
Beyond your structured shore.
This honored truth you all do know:
When icebergs melt, the sea is at your door.

Your planet was one with nature;
Then, did you arrive.
Manufacture became nomenclature;
Now, help her to survive.

Use us, your earthly allies,
The sun the waves the wind;
Let us help you to realize
All that which you must rescind.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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