Coming Out of the Closet of History

Woman, Female, Artist

I don’t know about you but I have become tired of the ‘just the way things are’ miasma surrounding our culture. In particular, I’m tired of the avarice of the ‘old white Christian male’ that has dominated our society for so long. This is not to say that ALL old white men are bad, or that Christianity, itself is bad. I am talking about the dogma of ‘old white Christian men’, one can be female and have this outlook, one can be of another race and have the attitude that they are dominant, of wealth at all cost, and of...
Poetry asks why MDs. Ignore the mental.

Murderous Missing Link

Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!

Poetry asks why MDs. Ignore the mental.

Murderous Missing Link

We say the cause if opioids. –Or anabolic steroids. We blame the guns with rapid fire,Assuming they translate our ire. We blame the mothers, fathers, kin –We blame the shooter with thin skin. There was a time we blamed the terrorist.Soon, he was among there rarest. His place is now coveredBy the progeny of Ma Hubbard. The home-grown and homespunAre now the masters of the gun. They pop up without warning,With ammo fast aborning. The schools are favorite venues –And, oh, yes, then, there are the Jews p— And mosques and churches,As fast as a gunner lurches – Blood everywhere...
Final Alzheimer's Chapter

The Last Part

THE LAST PART It has taken a long time to write part 3 of my Alzheimer's journey because it was the hardest part and I keep waiting for a day when I can say the word, Alzheimer's, without my eyes beginning to burn with unshed tears. Apparently, that day isn't coming or maybe it's just so much further in the future that I can’t imagine it. Maybe I just need to write it out and hope that by doing so the last tear will fall when the writing is complete. This is what happened to me at the...