Poetry asks why MDs. Ignore the mental.

Murderous Missing Link

We say the cause if opioids. –Or anabolic steroids. We blame the guns with rapid fire,Assuming they translate our ire. We blame the mothers, fathers, kin –We blame the shooter with thin skin. There was a time we blamed the terrorist.Soon, he was among there rarest. His place is now coveredBy the progeny of Ma Hubbard. The home-grown and homespunAre now the masters of the gun. They pop up without warning,With ammo fast aborning. The schools are favorite venues –And, oh, yes, then, there are the Jews p— And mosques and churches,As fast as a gunner lurches – Blood everywhere...
Final Alzheimer's Chapter

The Last Part

Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!

The Spirit of Alcohol

The Monster Within and Without

Just because you move away from alcohol, just because you divorce yourself from a spouse who is drinking or an alcoholic relative dies and you think you are free, you are not. Alcoholism has far reaching tentacles that follow you around and tap you on the shoulder, “Hi, it’s me again. I never went away, I just got a new body.” Alcoholism will always find you- you cannot run away from it. You may be sitting placidly in a restaurant with friends and there it will be at the next table, a woman arguing loudly with her husband, not caring...


When I turned fifty, my warranty ran out. I felt like a car that slowly, inextricably, begins to wear out from driving too hard, driving to many miles, and driving for too long. 50,000 miles and 50 years. First, the hubcaps fall off, then the mysteries of the engine – which have eluded me for years – begin to do whatever engines do when they slowly fall apart. Then brakes go bad, timing goes off (I assume cars still have rotors which haven’t been replaced by electronic devises), thermostats get stuck, lights go dim, and my car becomes fitted...