Poetic Reminder Of The Great American Mixing Bowl


The girl brought in by the slave shipMoved haltingly down the dock.A client scans her, hip to hip,Ogles and does gently rock. Skin-lightening began right there,Right in that first client’s eyes.It encompassed both skin and hair;They’re both part of what he buys. The law recently was altered –Kids now flow from the mother –And the girl, the one he haltered,Brought forth a lighter other. And, so, with the girl from the dock,Her child’s eyes the light did fil.Then, as time wore down on the clockThe offspring were lighter still. The offspring change and brighten out.The girl from the dock now...
A Recollection


The Challenges of the Pandemic Can Save Civilization

China's Forest City plan Articlke in progress.  Do not yet approve (bring in expert discussion on the world after vovid) Most who will read this have varying degrees of economic security, such that pretty near all the comforts we have taken for granted in our lives haven't yet been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. I say, “not yet,” because... well, to be honest, what we now are experiencing with this virus describes only the tip of the iceberg to what the future holds. And that’s due to a huge set of issues directly related to the inertia of centuries of...
Historical Women in the West

The Wild West, Lady Style

Recently I was watching my 14 year old grandson play a video game, it was a story that took place in the Wild West and a player could pick the character they wanted to be. I asked him if there were any female characters. He said, “No Memaw, there aren’t famous women in the Wild West.” Oh really?! I asked him if he had ever heard of Calamity Jane. Not surprisingly, he hadn’t. Challenge accepted. I was going to prove to him that there many women who helped settle and/or pillage the West. It wasn’t hard to find women who...