Black Women of The Abolitionist Movement

Unlike the uneducated boor on Pennsylvania Avenue most Americans are familiar with Juneteenth. At this poignant, harrowing, chaotic time I hope that my simple words can help in the push for equality that should have been given to Black people in 1619. Here are few women, much braver than I, who worked towards the freeing of humans from slavery in the US. The recent movie, Harriet, has brought one women’s story to our current generation. Another Black woman, Sojurner Truth, many are familiar with for her famous speech at the 1851 Women's Rights Convention held in Akron, Ohio, ‘And ain’t...
Trump, a disease more dangerous to America than the new coronavirus

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Poetry asks why MDs. Ignore the mental.

Murderous Missing Link

Laura Cornelius Kellogg

A Fighter For Native Americans

Laura Cornelius Kellogg When we think of heroic people we tend to assume they were flawless and we are often let down when we read about their flaws. People who do heroic things are just like you and I, they have idiosyncrasies and flaws just like other humans. Frequently they are the victim of someone else’s wrath. Sometimes a person who is a hero to one generation may not be to another, for example, Thomas Jefferson. While he is the writer of a beautiful document espousing freedom he was also a slave owner, quite a moral conflict. Or, envy, jealousy...
Trump, a disease more dangerous to America than the new coronavirus

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Dear Mr President, is that you touching me? I have no eyes except in the minds of people, and I've changed over the years as states came onto my banner; so I know history better than anyone in this house.  For I was but a dream of liberty, taxed without representation by predatory rule, but for so much blood, sweat and tears to declare forever, We the People. And the old kingdom, in trying to take back Turtle Island, the colonies, now America, set a poet into custody on that ship by the dawn's early light who saw me still...