Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!

Image is © Infected Blood Comics - do not reproduce without consent But instead, you had to go to the Dominican Republic, eh? As if that country didn't have enough problems, already. I'll get back to this. Over a month ago, my wife and I decided to go on vacation. We'd been through a very tough year, which included one major surgery each, my changing jobs three times, and both of us moving out of our apartment, due to Airbnb doom that had turned our once happy building into hooker central station. Being so exhausted and needing to relax, we did...
Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!



On billionaires, welfare and climate change

Fare Thee Well My Child

On October 7, 2018, "the United Nations released a damning report. The short version: We have about 12 years to actually do something to prevent the worst aspects of climate change. That is, not to prevent climate change—we're well past that point—but to prevent the worst, most catastrophic elements of it from wreaking havoc on the world's population. To do that, the governments of Earth need to look seriously at the forces driving it. And an honest assessment of how we got here lays the blame squarely at the feet of the 1 percent. "Contrary to a lot of guilt-tripping...
Should words that denote gender be updated?


I don’t agree with the use of the term “Latinx" for a multitude of reasons. I’ve taken the time to analyze the arguments people have made to justify the use of the term, but I find it easy to debunk every one of them and then some. And that’s what I’ll do in this article. Pro-Latinx argument #1: It is inclusive of people who don’t identify as male or female. Counter-argument: Listen, you do you. But why invent a gender-neutral term when one already exists? Has no one heard the term “Latin” before? As in “Latin America”? Why...