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Women Are Equal

Sometimes it takes a long time to get a message through, even to myself. Like maybe 50 years. However late, I finally received it. My parents started the message, my college professors endorsed it, a tiny fraction of the media kept pushing it, I sort of believed it but never fully embraced it, life experience forced me to live it and finally after reading the November issue of National Geographic I fully absorbed the message.  Women are equal to men. Period. Women are equal to men. Women can and have proven they can do what men can do....
Poetry asks why MDs. Ignore the mental.

Murderous Missing Link

Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!

Final Alzheimer's Chapter

The Last Part

THE LAST PART It has taken a long time to write part 3 of my Alzheimer's journey because it was the hardest part and I keep waiting for a day when I can say the word, Alzheimer's, without my eyes beginning to burn with unshed tears. Apparently, that day isn't coming or maybe it's just so much further in the future that I can’t imagine it. Maybe I just need to write it out and hope that by doing so the last tear will fall when the writing is complete. This is what happened to me at the...
Be fair to the Dominican Republic

I could have went to Greece!

Image is © Infected Blood Comics - do not reproduce without consent But instead, you had to go to the Dominican Republic, eh? As if that country didn't have enough problems, already. I'll get back to this. Over a month ago, my wife and I decided to go on vacation. We'd been through a very tough year, which included one major surgery each, my changing jobs three times, and both of us moving out of our apartment, due to Airbnb doom that had turned our once happy building into hooker central station. Being so exhausted and needing to relax, we did...