A Recollection


TWO TALESI was in the checkout line at the supermarket when the man in front of me got my attention. He was older, very thin almost frail looking. His basket of stuff was inching toward the cashier on the conveyor. Excuse me sir, “Do you think you could help me pay for my groceries. I don’t have any money and I need to feed my grandkids”. Sure enough there were two small boys with him and a woman hovering in the background. The selections on the conveyor reflected the eating preferences of children. “I just started a new job and...
Trump, a disease more dangerous to America than the new coronavirus

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Historical Women in the West

The Wild West, Lady Style

Recently I was watching my 14 year old grandson play a video game, it was a story that took place in the Wild West and a player could pick the character they wanted to be. I asked him if there were any female characters. He said, “No Memaw, there aren’t famous women in the Wild West.” Oh really?! I asked him if he had ever heard of Calamity Jane. Not surprisingly, he hadn’t. Challenge accepted. I was going to prove to him that there many women who helped settle and/or pillage the West. It wasn’t hard to find women who...
Laura Cornelius Kellogg

A Fighter For Native Americans

Laura Cornelius Kellogg When we think of heroic people we tend to assume they were flawless and we are often let down when we read about their flaws. People who do heroic things are just like you and I, they have idiosyncrasies and flaws just like other humans. Frequently they are the victim of someone else’s wrath. Sometimes a person who is a hero to one generation may not be to another, for example, Thomas Jefferson. While he is the writer of a beautiful document espousing freedom he was also a slave owner, quite a moral conflict. Or, envy, jealousy...