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According to Malcolm Gladwell, David was the aggressor, and Goliath a plodding patsy! Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant, Canadian author, born in England of mixed-race; parents. Gladwell has made a literary career of looking at life from the other side of the mirror. In his book, “David and Goliath” – stretching the, “Tipping Point” of a previous publication of his – he presents a well-documented, philosophical and technical surmise of how the underdog position of David against Goliath should be reversed. Gladwell maintains that the provably mentally deficient, Philistine warrior Goliath, with his armor and sword, were no match for the bright, lithe and unencumbered David, with his far superior weapon that launched accurate missiles at bullet-speed!

Another long-overlooked fact about the musical shepherd David – who in later life became a serial womanizer and notorious slayer of men—is that, when he was a handsome, young buck in the court of his to-be predecessor King Saul, he and Saul’s son Jonathan became scandalously attracted to each other. This, along with Saul’s accurate premonition that David was destined to replace him on the throne, caused Saul a lot of tormented loss of sleep and anguished hours tracing down David, with the purpose of permanently eliminating him from the line of succession.

All of this has been combined in a scintillating, stage-musical entitled, “David and Jonathan”. You do not know this because the production is so impecunious that it has been unable to get off the ground! After serious professional consultation, Musical SoCal.com, the producer of, “David and Jonathan,” has taken the unusual step of attaining the assistance of GoFundMe to bring this fact to the attention of the general public. It is believed that when people discover that this brilliant work has been kept from them, merely because of the absence of sufficient filthy lucre, they will clamor to rectify the situation! Here is a sample of what is in store for a deserving audience.

Ergo, on behalf of Musical SoCal.com, the composer Tommy Dodson and your servant, the librettist-lyricist, you are invited to pass the word that, anyone interested, should immediately proceed to this GoFundMe page.

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They called him, “David,” it was said,
Because the name means, “Love” and “Cred.”
Goliath, we know,
Missed “Love” – that’s f’ sho’ –
But, he met, “Cred,” in spades, instead.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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