Summer in Wisconsin is humid, hot, dry mostly, and the intense green of few weeks ago is broken up with some yellows and maybe even the occasional red (no!) The Mosquitos are not as bad as a couple weeks ago and the lawn might not have to be cut this week. These are photos from the last week or two. It was hot and humid again today, but a evening thunderstorm broke that up. Summer.
A Thistle. Just a weed? It's a work of art!Sandhill Crane

A Sandhill Crane strolls past. This is one of a pair that bore two chicks this year. Both chicks didn't make it more than a few weeks unfortunately. They will still be around till fall. Then will return in spring and try again.

Dairy barn at sunset
I am so glad shot this old dairy barn. I drive by it all the time but a sign announcing a new subdivision appeared recently and I suspect It will be gone soon. Just on the edge of a city, It will probably become another suburban soccer field where once the cows grazed.Butterfly

This butterfly stayed on that thistle for a long enough time for me to focus and compose a shot. That's not usually the case. The bee joined the occasion at the last second!

Deer at twilight
This deer was as interested in me as I was her.

Night sky drama

One of those skys that make you pull over and look for something to put in front of it.

Soft Back TurtleThis Soft Back Turtle was sunning himself and provided me some choice shots before he scampered back to the Oconomowoc river. In Monches, WI.

Robert Easey

Robert Easey

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