With June coming to a close, I feel like the spring we look forward to so much in this climate was gone in a flash. Winter lingers, but spring pops up and makes a rapid passage to summer's warm and humid days. This collection of photos is tied together only by the fact that I took them over the last two months in Southeastern Wisconsin. Enjoy.

interior shot of a 1946 NashThe interior of a 1946 Nash. This car (at a car show) had every option imaginable including a swamp cooler which channeled air across water covered fins and supposedly kept the interior 10º cooler. Also a cigarette pack holder!

Sunset. Washington County WIShort lived moment just before sunset. Washingtn County, WI.

RainbowAfter a rain. I had to chase this down. Monches WI.

Storms comingThis old graveyard is up on a hill out in the country and provides a great view of storms coming in. Rubicon, WI.

DragonflyDragonflies provide good subjects while waiting for other things to happen by.

Sandhill CranesThis family of Sandhill Cranes strolled by last night. There was another juvenile just outside the frame.

Bald EagleI was not expecting to see a Bald Eagle around these parts but there he was, majestically awesome! Along the Bark River in Merton, WI.

Squirrel pairThis pair was curious to see who was passing through their territory.

Robert Easey

Robert Easey

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