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Lo, these past X number of Sundays, the Idiot Free Zone group on Facebook has been jointly, and solely for our own amusement, creating a weekly ad hoc musical melange comprised of YouTube offerings from the worlds of pop, punk, rock, rap, blues, be bob, r&b, soul, folk, funk and jazz, according to how well they fit into and/or wrap themselves around a weekly theme. We call it "The Sunday String." This past Sunday, November 8, 2015, for example, that theme was delineated thusly:

"This day in 1887, Doc Holliday lost his last fight to tuberculosis

"So let's dedicate this Sunday's musical string to the "bad guys." (to) the gunslingers, murderers, gangsters and bank robbers who make up so much of American lore."

So sayeth our fearless leader, Jose Rosa.

In thus flinging the proverbial gauntlet at our feet, Jose challenged our inner music nerds to come up with a definitive list of tuneful tributes to our favorite dangerous dudes and dirty dames, be they fearless, fatuous, completely factual or strictly fiction.

Here below, for the first time in these pages, is a link to a YouTube playlist of (nearly) all the songs submitted. Going forward, we'll only post one song from each IFZ member on the Idiot Free Zone website, so be advised. You may continue to post however many songs you like, of course, just be sure to put your best foot forward...that is to say, put the song about which you feel most strongly...first.

Right now, you may find yourself wondering: "Why is the hell should I do that?" Well, smart guy, because starting today, we're asking the IFZ community as a whole, to vote for three songs which they feel best represent the spirit of the week's stated theme, and the Citizones who have submitted the songs receiving the most votes are gonna get some kinda prize. Nothing fancy, you understand, but something you might like. Maybe even like a lot. Who knows? It could happen.

So, here's the link to the playlist. They Bad Playlist:


Listen to it (if you haven't already), and vote for three of your favorites (remember, no more than 3) in a comment below. Thanks, Citizones!! You da bomb (do people still say that?)



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