A couple of years ago, I stopped just merely living in my environment and I started actually seeing it. Being a collector by nature, I started compulsively capturing the back-drops that I passed by and through daily while on my way to... somewhere else. Turns out, I was surrounded by lakes and kettles and hills carved out by glaciers (the Kettle Moraine of South East Wisconsin). I absolutely fell in love with this landscape. There are still some working family farms here, and a lot of remnants of a rural way of life that's mostly gone now. The winters are brutal here but the spring, summer and fall are rich green and lush glorious.

I don't claim to know all that much about trees or geology and my camera is far from state of the art... but I put a lot of time, effort, and heart into capturing the natural, the rusty, the weathered surfaces of Wisconsin's countryside.

I'd like to share some of these Images with the readers of this site on a (semi-) regular basis.



 Sandhill Crane

In early spring the Sandhill Cranes return from their winter retreats. How they find their way back to the same territory every year just amazes me.

Marsh Frog

Summer. It's green and teaming with life. Allenton Marsh, Washington County, Wisconsin.


I love the patina of age. A look that's only acquired, earned really. Cedarburg, Wisconsin.


Not the most well groomed, but they had a wild charm about them that I loved.

Fall Color

Early fall color. The perfect palette of green, yellow, red. Soon to be followed by browns and grays for a seemingly endless winter. Richfield, Wisconsin.

I have no clue how that bottle ended up there? (And that sign was not so effective). Washington County, Wisconsin.

Frigid Full Moon

A full moon on one of the coldest nights of the year (-15º). Hartford, Wisconsin.


Winter Breaks

The long winter breaks and open water flows again on the Bark River, Merton, Wisconsin.

Robert Easey

Robert Easey

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