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i'm standing/near a monument/without you i doubt/any structure possible

keeping me still/worshipping hours turned/over to this/heart torn down

now taken to river/many rivulets run/from this point/somewhere i believe

man is possible/even here/at this time/on this earth/beauty is born

somewhere near gulf/outside your skin/i tattoo words/i barely understand

meaning of events/in your absence/holding reports/mentioning your name

trying to imagine/countries far away/men with needles/in dark nights

intruding here/into my sleep/climbing a mountain/throwing you down

a rope follows/& i'm attached/loving in vain/loving in vain/image deconstructs

so easily/forgetting your legs/wrapped around me/a present given

without power/you forget her name/though scent/left on pillow/fills night

ringing of bells/(other women come/here i'm home/statue in decline

they say/i look beautiful/moments forgiven/cause i can't/make sense of it

anymore though/i've been brought up/with elementary mathematics

making me count/days since you've gone/travelling to locations/charted

elsewhere on other maps/familiar to those/who know route/true love


when signals pulled/down from roadside/you move carefully/as animals

aware of each other/'s loss worn as coat/to protect you/from enemies

describing perfection/that historical moment/exploding in this head

many pictures run/every day all night/old stars lure me/with their beauty

they could've changed/world into better place/they departed instead

for glossy paged/advertisements for sacrifice

in golden cities/leaving me tonight/alone with truth/& private thoughts

i'd prefer/to keep public/dreaming openly/your arms around/me hanging on

to your hair/(wanting me)/to cut photograph/heal image left/haunting you

i know wisdom/when it wears/high heels/on wooden floor/tapping beat

i remember exactly/way you pulled/me down you/on top/i must have

looked up/seen you swimming/outside reef/dangerous place/she comes

into this room/holding me down/to my last breath/moving me

around this globe/conflicts erected/in shame constructed/in ash perhaps

perhaps they're creating/palace of lord/perfect image/for imperfect world

i cannot love

you gather now/forces absolute stepping/behind this/in front of that

scene in movie/man betrays woman/faced by defeat/he enters bar

no one's standing/everyone's crawling/on all fours/on floor barking

a hope/so all can hear/hear this voice/thin as paper/i write homage

to women/i never knew/that's what/they tell you/'ve changed my name

for another/object of desire/caught in snow/falling about me/i make out

photograph of you/standing behind me/clearly i'm lost/i'm unable to see

others in circle/side by side/they're all lovers/becoming a river

bursting into me/a bank collapsing/a world going/up in flames/i'm told

there is ghost/(you embracing me)/pulling tongue/across my lips

telling others/you never knew/me i'll wait/until storm halts
or this love/burns a hole/in ice/i can go/so deep/so deep underground

all the way to china

Christopher Barnet

Christopher Barnet

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