So after a late start, the season finally caught up with us here in Wisconsin. A whole bunch of Robins who decided to stay around have got to be regretting that decision after a week of single digit temperatures. At least one Heron and a couple of Kingfishers that decided to stay around for the open water have got to be rethinking a few things about now. 

February in Wisconsin is pretty gray and cold. Despite that I have a few shots to share of the landscape and atmosphere of the last few months.

Dairy Barn Wisconsin
My favorite dairy barn. I've shot this grand old structure in every season.

Green Trailer

Stopped me dead in my tracks. So green for January!

FrostFrost. Gone by mid-day but I got it.

Beavers!Leave it to these guys.

Found ObjectI found this on a hike and had to wonder how long it had been there? 

Ice on the Bark River. WisconsinIce clings to the edges of the Oconomowoc River.

Christmas Lights

Twas the season. Rural Wisconsin.

Horses WisconsinHappy Valentine's day! Rubicon Wi.

Robert Easey

Robert Easey

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