La Nga Tai 2

what i am
doomed to do
for damned

whoever they are
they are

always amongst angels
assemble after
& before

whenever that is
it is
time to tell
how much
i love you

greater than gods
you would accumulate

whomever they were
they were

than you

might imagine
from books
borrowed from barbarians

who wanted to
swallow you

most beautiful woman
i have
ever known

how much
i love you

asking another
to enter

some time
after or before

whenever that was
it was

when walls wavered
& fell forever

always turning

this way
that way

to that

in that

action altering
everything else

standing by side
of river

state of siege
live with

(imagine) how much
i love you
how much
i love you
more than me

most melancholy when
i remember
how much
i love you

how much
i love you

dance deliberately
without device

naive as Nijinsky
when he wanted
to explain something
so strong

you cannot imagine

what it is
like to love

have never known

not here
or there

for that matter
don’t want
to weep
over that
here & now

whenever that is
it is

i will try
sometime to sleep
as other men
wait for light
to come
whatever that is
i am
not noticing
its absence
from this
& other question

i will
not note
here except
to say

how much

i love you
how much

i love you

when we lie

next to
each other

sucking your sex
& draining you
of whatever
it is

we wandered
over each other'
s body

& broke down
each other
into such things

when i walked
from acupuncturist
wanted to travel
right through you

whoever you were
you above all
i love you
more than me

i was

all time
tell this

without bitterness
because i’m breaking

as always
when writing
whatever this is

it is
& i do not
worry when
you will read

or if
you ever will

i turn
faster than wheel

we are inventing
inside houses
of history

we are altering
globes & gods

whatever they are
they are
you hide in
& out

i remember
so long before
or after

it doesn’t matter
no it doesn’t

matter at all


we are
we are burning

we will wander


Christopher Barnet

Christopher Barnet

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