Pedro Centeno Vallenilla Las tres razas 1946

There are three strains

of blood which flow

Within these veins of mine

I know

Tossed by chance

like a throw of dice

On an isle

in paradise.


Its evidence isn’t hard to see

Go ahead take a look at me

With skin that’s brown

or white

or cream

With eyes jet black


     or green

Hair that’s blond


or ‘fro

It is I

was man’s first rainbow.


Now clearly listen

to my voice

Your ears shall have

no other choice

But to hear a sound so bold

‘twill make you think

‘Tis Spain of old.


Changó, a god from across

the sea

Came to me

chained in slavery

His Africa gave me

drums to play

And this love for freedom

I have today.


The Taino Native is hard to find

you must look between the lines

The lines are those

in the songs I sing

That speak of love

and eternal spring.


So now you see

I’m very sure

That my blood

is very pure

For if you haven’t guessed by now

soy Puertorriqueño

Free and proud.

puerto rican flag


Originally written in 1971

Published in El Boricua a publication of La Casa de Puerto Rico, June 1994

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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