A-tiskit, A-taskit

Oh Ohio! (Part 2)

“A-tisket, A-tasket, I lost my yellow basket. And if that girlie don't return it, don't know what I'll do” - Ella Fitzgerald (1938) About 33 miles east of Columbus in Newark,...
A review of Puerto Rico’s history and current economic woes.


Looking At Problems A Different Way

Downside Up!

Cost Of Living Allowance


    No not Coca Cola. No not Cola Coka. If you've never heard of Coca, look it up. It used to be, many, many decades ago, as an additive in the old Coca Cola. Until somebody found out...

Inequality: Fantasy versus reality

JDN 2457326 This video is instructive, not as a serious economic policy argument, but as a glimpse into the thought processes of people who support conservative economic policies. It doesn't tell you much of anything about how the world...