Un elephant

There was a hit song built around an upper-class neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. No one ever mentions the nuclear physicist elephant or elephants living in “Gangnam style” in Pyongyang, North Korea.

No one doubts the abilities of the North Koreans; nevertheless, joining the world’s “Nuclear Club” certainly would require technical and material support from individuals or nations already in the club. Why is it that, in all of the angst over Kim Jong Un’s madness and The Bomb, no one ever addresses the pachyderms m-m? Could it be:

• Pakistan’s A. Q. Khan. Once a nuclear proliferation outlaw, Khan was instrumental in Pakistan’s “backwoods nuclearization.” He is 81, presently, and supposedly retired. But, is he? Hm-m-m?
Iran. We are beating Iran all over the head and shoulders for its consistent impudence in even daring to presume Nuclear Club status. We have them controlled for the time being (depending upon Trumpian volition), but no one ever asks out loud? “How’s the weather in Pyongyang?”
China. Former USA administrations, and now the current one, seem convinced that China is key in controlling the volatility of the Kim dynasty. But, is she? Are there elephantine prints crossing their common border, leading directly into the back door of Kim’s bomb factory? Hm-m-m?
• Are there rogue nuclear physicists and/or engineers from the western wing of the Nuclear Club in elephant costume – becoming fabulously rich – performing their dangerous circus act for the amusement and delight of a deranged Kim Jung Un?

Let’s face it; North Korea is not running those labs strictly on its own. There are elephants in there, somewhere! Their tracks are all over the place. Why does no one mention them? Perhaps that is why the dilemma of nuclear proliferation in North Korea persists: There may be a worldwide determination to avoid noticing pachyderm droppings upon the Korean Peninsula!

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A marionette, Kim Jong Un,
Shouts, “All the world will be mine, soon!”
Pointing with its trunk,
Dumbo says, “That’s bunk;
“The thing you’re looking at’s the moon!”

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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