Gun Brain

We say the cause if opioids. –
Or anabolic steroids.

We blame the guns with rapid fire,
Assuming they translate our ire.

We blame the mothers, fathers, kin –
We blame the shooter with thin skin.

There was a time we blamed the terrorist.
Soon, he was among there rarest.

His place is now covered
By the progeny of Ma Hubbard.

The home-grown and homespun
Are now the masters of the gun.

They pop up without warning,
With ammo fast aborning.

The schools are favorite venues –
And, oh, yes, then, there are the Jews p—

And mosques and churches,
As fast as a gunner lurches –

Blood everywhere and on the ground,
Poor parents, out there, milling around.

The kids who went off to school one day,
And never knew they had hell to pay.

The night club floors, thick with gore;
The tears that are shed – and then no more.

All this, of course, is mainly mental;
As far as MDs. Go, it could be dental.

The body examined tells the story,
But based upon medicine now hoary,

Somehow, the doctors physical.
All balk when things get mystical.

When their queries turn up, “Zero,”
Why, then, do they not become the hero.

They fail to add up two and two –
If the body holds not the culprit, then who?

Up there signaling itself blind
Is the problem in the mind.

Why, then, do they fail to think --
That, up there, is the missing link?!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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