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Those amazingly pinpoint-accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at a Syrian airbase carried with them the disgust of the civilized world. The DNA of that revulsion has long roots; they extend over time and space. In these modern times, there was Nanking; Kristallnacht/the camps; Cambodia; Bosnia; Rwanda... These were episodes of utmost political outrage against humanity that exceeded established perimeters, and wherein organized nation states could not or would not intervene. In these cases, the world tends to flagellate itself for some time afterwards. The last straw for the otherwise callous and isolationist Donald Trump was the suffering of, “Those beautiful babies” dying from chemical warfare in Syria. Also, his actions went in the face of his stated benign feelings toward Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin, who are in cahoots in the multifaceted Syrian mélange of combatants.

When Bashar crossed Barack’s redline, rather than loose the missiles on his own, Obama sought the participation of the American People through their representatives. They left him whistling through the deserted Halls of Congress. Barack then took up a misbegotten Russian offer to assist Syria in getting rid of the offensive weapons. That was never completed, and subsequently the chemical offenses continued.

Constitutionally, the Congress must approve the U.S.’s going to war. Since WWII, the definition of, “War,” has become so muddled – and the Congress so blame-cautious – that, generally, presidents can go to war when they dammed well please. The brave Congress is there, of course, to approve or not, depending upon the political winds of the moment. Ergo, the compulsive Donald Trump had no trouble going it alone. Apparently, he did advise Congress beforehand.

Historically, The U.S. populace has been forgiving of presidents for their lack of constitutional protocol. Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase comes to mind, as well as Lincoln’s ignoring of habeas corpus and Franklin Roosevelt’s pre-war aid to Europe. In this case, apart from a few rumblings, Trump has the support of Congress. Although little stated up to this point, it must be apparent to POTUS and the People that the message of those Tomahawk missiles did not rest in Syria. It continues on, around the world, with a little longer stayover in North Korea, and ending its loop, again in the Middle East:

“War-averse Obama is gone. You are now dealing with a sombitch as crazy and precipitous as any of you. So, watch your heads – the Tomahawks are flying!”

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Barack said, “No” to WMD.
Bashar said, “I’ll send them to sea.
Turned out, he did not.
Putin fed the plot.
The Donald said, “This shall not be!”

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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