Omar Mateen

(This is based upon a flurry of unattributed and unsubstantiated reports about the Orlando, Florida shooter, with regard to his possible social, religious and psychological conflicts – in conjunction with his reported, intimate familiarity with gay social media and clubs.)

The initial, aftermath reports of the Orlando shooting have the seemingly unaffected father of the revealed shooter supposedly supplying a clue to what had prompted the slaughter. Supposedly, the father, son and grandson, on a visit to Miami, had witnessed a public interaction among men that had enraged his son, Omar Mateen. Subsequent reports seem to reveal that the father really did not know his son.

It would appear that the personage of the father is not exactly what he would like to be publicized. The son was born in Brooklyn (Trump, take note) to an immigrant Afghan family. They later moved to Fort Pierce, Florida, about 100 miles from Orlando.

A pop-psyche analysis of Omar would appear to be a bi-polar kid, growing up in the U.S., conflicted by his father’s anti-American, radical Islam indoctrination. Add sublimated homosexuality to the mix, and you have the type of destructive tornado that ripped into the Pulse nightclub.

There are reports that Omar visited gay clubs with his schoolmates. A drag performer at a Fort Pierce gay club describes Omar as a frequent visitor. It is reported that Omar had pages on gay, on-line, hook-up sites. Regulars at the Pulse club in Orlando claim that Omar was a regular there for about 3 years. They said he was quite anti-social, and frequently got quite drunk. Others said he had attempted to pick them up. In calmer moments, supposedly he would converse with people, and revealed that he had a wife and kid. Reportedly, he said that he could not drink at home or around his father. On another occasion, someone mentioned religion. Reportedly, Omar drew a knife and described what would happen if they continued that conversation.

Omar’s ex-wife of 2 years reports that he, “hated gays,” was bi-polar, and was brutal to her. In the end, her parents came to pick her up, and she just left everything behind.

A fellow guard employee was so affected by Omar’s frequent, hate-filled rages about a variety of groups, the he eventually left the job.

It would appear as though the father, who had a TV program, and believes himself to be the proper president of Afghanistan – and has recorded anti-American sympathies – seems to have been able to subvert the conscience of a disturbed son to the point where he was unable to resolve psychosexual, social and religious conflicts roiling within himself. The on-line advice from Isis, to attack the enemy from within, and give the credit to Isis, seemed to be tailor-made for what ailed Omar. Ergo: “Shitty-shitty, bang-bang!”

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The slaughter is not what it seems.
The butcher’s eye – it weirdly gleams.
Some say he cuts fast.
He says, “Make it last –
“The bloodcurdling softens bad dreams!”

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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