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O Israel!

Thy fight is not with the static, impoverished Palestinian.

Why struggle with that wretched, thin strip of desert from which thou departed in
ancient times?

Left behind, buried there, is the sandy hue of thy discarded hide..

Thou spreadest thyself among European nations, which became more and more transfixed
by thy rejected son.

Even whilst thou became integral amongst those people, the incompatibility of the
Crucifix and the Menorah formed a wedge which drove thee from border to shore.

Ultimately, the vitriol terminated in an unconscionable attempt to eradicate thy earthly

This was not a Palestinian doing.

Thy just ire is unjustly directed.

The lands thou rightly should be seeking to inhabit should be the lands wherein
thou wast a part of the culture; the lands of those whose tongues thou spoke;
the lands where – other than the fact that thy Bible ended with the Old
Testament, thou wert but one among many.

That is where thy anger truly lies!

There is where thy significant, national strength in arms should be directed.

There within lies thy righteous claim -- not with those innocent, desert dwellers
whose simple life and culture thou abandonest centuries ago!

Thou canst not revert thy second exodus so radically.

O Israel!

Thy poor Palestinian cousin and the least of thee remained where the sun baked the
sand and their skin, and for centuries have shared their arid fellowship.

Thy renewed claim of return and ownership is false.

Go, takest back what truly was stolen from thee.

Go, reclaimest thy European culture, language, expropriated property and lands.

What seekest thee there, in those worthless sands?!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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