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The most recent news from Missouri on the LGBT (brought on by legal gay marriage) front is that of a 39-hour filibuster held March 9th, 2016. The discussions were regarding the “rights” of business owners to refuse services and/or goods to gay couples simply because of the business owners’ belief systems. In other words, if you are a religious business owner, there are Republicans who are fighting for your right to deny people goods and/or services because of how you feel about their lifestyle choices. That means that when you turn away a LGBT person, you cannot be held liable for discrimination. This discussion has no mention of the “rights” of gay business owners who would like to reject Christian or other religious people... but then again, gay people are not fighting for that “right.” The reason? Because they are not discriminatory assholes. Also, they could not stop gay marriage, so they are discriminatory, whiny assholes.

I recall a time when people would simply avoid those they do not like in a civil manner. What happened to business owners just saying they are too busy to bake the cake, take the pictures, or otherwise provide people they do not like with services? Who in their right mind would be asking people who come into stores, “Wait..wait a second... just to be sure here, are you gay? Because.. you know... Jesus.” Granting this “right” would not only be a license for jerks across Missouri to discriminate legally, but also it would create more discrimination and hate crimes. I feel that if this actually passes, we will have a lot of “But your honor, I told them to leave because it was my right to do so; they wouldn’t leave, so I had to use force to protect my business” situations. What about people who may seem gay, but are not. There are many tom boy women and feminine men who are not gay. I do not see how a law like this could be passed without first having invented a gayometer.

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This kind of legislation can be likened to WWII (Jews, Japanese-Americans),1960s civil rights movements, 9/11 (Muslim-hating), and many more instances throughout history. Pretty much ever since a white man has set foot on the soil of North America, it is his, he owns it, and he is better than everything on it. It is time for a change, but we still have these Republican “values” that are inhibiting the progress of humankind. When will it ever end? Can we get some penis-enlargement pills in bulk for the (R) senators and representatives please? I’m just saying... there is an issue here and that seems like a plausible reason.  Their list of what the Republicans hate is much longer than the list of what they love: women, mexicans, any immigrants really, black people, children (unless they are white boys who will grow to become strong white men), gays, Atheists, other religious people (Jews, Muslims, different denominations within their own religion), etc...

“No one should be compelled to make a work with their own hands that’s offensive to their beliefs” (Sen. Bob Onder (R) MO). And by “no one” you mean gay and Atheist business owners too, right Bob? No, of course he doesn’t mean them because Gays and Atheists are heathen people with no morals, no church group, and therefore no say. This is the feeling that these kinds of legislators give to liberal people. It is not always in what they say, but how they say it, and how they constantly attempt to justify discrimination. The cherry of the cake is that this is all coming from the group of people who want less government. Try to figure that out. Oh wait, I have: the government is only there when they need something. Don’t ask what the government can do for you, unless you need to pass laws that make you happier because your happiness, your rights, and your belief systems are all that matter.

People in Missouri, and everywhere really, cannot allow more discrimination or the legalization of discrimination to occur through legislation. These legislators are the same people who want Christianity in school, but will not tolerate other religions being taught. The vast majority of religious people already discriminate, so why make it a law? They can just continue to do what they have always done: look down on other people, discriminate, hate, belittle, exploit, con, and stand on their high horse, all while hiding behind their God. The law of man is not needed here because the law of their God has always prevailed when it comes to how they treat others.

On the up-side, if this does get on the ballot and actually passes there could be an entire new market niche created for Atheist and/or LGBT business owners. Then again, if the State of Missouri had openly gay businesses parading around, we will all have to deal with new “protective” legislation from Republicans in the future. I can see the headline now: Missouri Senators Gather to Discuss Shutting Down Gay and Atheist Establishments in order to Protect the Gay and Atheist Business Owners.” Quote from future Bob: “We are doing it for their own good, really. I mean, they open the stores and say ‘look at me, I’m gay’ we just have to help them protect themselves. It is their right to protection is what it is.” The sad part? Many people would fall for that kind of bull shit that runs rampant in the red states.

Laura Helvey

Laura Helvey

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