Although it reads like something designed to make heads explode among members of the House Freedom Caucus, according to a story published recently on, that's more or less what happened in Idaho in the early 1950's.

The state's Department of Fish and Game, concerned about diminishing populations of beavers, then much in demand by furriers, milliners and fashion accessory manufacturers, conceived a bold plan to capture and redistribute the creatures into wilderness areas, whence they had previously been hunted and trapped to near extinction.

What was that plan, you ask? Why, simplicity itself, that's what it was. First, gather as many beavers as possible, load 'em into cages with parachutes attached, and fling 'em earthward from 1000 feet or so, high above likely looking streams and river beds.

As to whether the DFG's strategy met with ultimate success, little is known, as the head of that august body has refused to release any pertinent data.

Representatives of the beaver community, meanwhile, have declined to comment.

animated gif showing beavers parachuting out of a plane


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