Veterans Day


I am Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave, the first casualty of the American Revolution, killed in the "Boston Massacre," March 5, 1770.


I am the gens de couleur libres and my militia volunteered to defend my city and country at the Battle of New Orleans.


I am Colored. You said I had to earn my freedom. I responded with the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

The First Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry

And 14 other Regiments of Colored Troops and Sailors.


I am Irish. You told me as I got off the boat, that I must defend my new country. I responded with "faugh a ballagh, Clear the Way!" and formed the Fighting 69th Infantry Regiment.


I am Italian and German, Hungarian, Swiss, French, Spaniard and Portuguese. I formed the Garibaldi Guard and the Netherland Legion; Polish Legion; Hungarian Regiment; First Foreign Rifles of the 39th Regiment.


I am Apache, Sioux, Seminole and every other tribe of Native American. You said if I were to be American I must help "civilize" the land. I made up the Indian Scouts and Companies within Regular Army infantry and cavalry regiments.


I am colored. You said my service in the Civil War was not enough. I signed up for the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment and the Cheyenne called us Buffalo Soldiers.


I am an American Arab and have served in every war since WW1


I am Puerto Rican. You told me that to get full citizenship I had to fight. The Borinqueneers response was the 65th Infantry Regiment.


I am Negro. You said I had still not earned my equality. So I protected bombers over Europe with the Tuskegee Airmen.


I am Navajo. You said that to be American I must help win the war. So my language became the most secret code of the U.S. Marines Corps.


I am Nisei. You told me you didn't trust me and locked up my family. I said "Go For Broke" and responded with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.


I am a Jew. You said I was less than human. I have fought in EVERY American war.


I am woman. You have treated me as less than equal for almost all of our nation's history, although I have cared for the wounded, and yes, fought in every war.


I am gay. You cannot find enough ways to de-humanize me, even though I have fought in every conflict.


I am atheist. You demonize me, but while you were praying in your foxhole, I was defending you...


I am many races, many cultures, many faiths including none at all. But you... you may call me American. My forefathers have EARNED the right to that.




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Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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