Cambodia and Viet Nam in 1950.  American service members in the countries initially to help the French, who eventually lost their war in 1954.  All of the military personnel were told not to wear any type of military uniform.  And if they need an emergency plan – “Make it to the Saigon River.  If we can’t get to you we don’t know you.”  Over ten thousand military personnel were sent to Cambodia from 1950 through 1964.  All involved with the liberation of what was then South Viet Nam.

These veterans have never been mentioned in any articles that I have read, until recently. Yet they were in the military and told not to discuss their jobs, even after they were released from active duty.  Even now, some are reluctant to discuss their individual work.

Some of these military personnel were exposed to all types of life threatening situations and sometimes death.  These military men, I think all males, in 1950-1964, did their jobs and stayed low key.

These men have gone unrecognized.  In 1965 the real Viet Nam war began.  The battle of la Drang, Landing Zone Xray might have been the first real confrontation between regular U.S. army troops and the North Vietnamese regulars and the Viet Cong.  Even then there was no announcement that America had been involved in the war.  Over 200 of these brave men lost their lives, mostly between 1964 and 1965.

You think.  The army is going to make any kind of statement about these service members. 

They are combat veterans.  Brave combat veterans.

Heroes.  All of them.  Including all of the military personnel in uniform today.



Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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