March is an eventful month. It begins in winter conditions and ends with pre-spring weather. Daylight savings time pushes clocks forward, and Women’s History is officially recognized. “Beware the ides of March”, a line from Shakespeare’s play about Julius Caesar, is brought to mind and, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the USA, many a green beer is consumed.  GreenBeerMug 

It is also the time of the annual NCAA basketball tournament referred to as “March Madness”. But in this year’s political arena, “March Madness” has taken on a whole new meaning as the presidential candidates vie for position in the campaign game.

BasketBall2While technical fouls are happening on both sides, far too many players have taken positions on the extreme-right side of the court, and are committing offensive, intentional, flagrant fouls, as their dribbling fans cheer them on. These violations haven’t been called out much by the mainstream media 'referees' with their  floor seats. So, I’ll call them out from the nosebleed section.

On Team GOP, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and John Kasich are the key players. All three have made/are making offensive fouls – usually against women, union workers, minorities, or anyone with differing views – in their drive to the presidential nominee goal. 

I call INTENTIONAL FOUL on Sen. Ted Cruz for his hypocrisy on immigration reform, government shutdowns, disaster relief, and most everything; his misogynistic stance on women’s reproductive health; his un-constitutional hyperbole on marriage equality; and his ulterior motive to turn our democracy into a theocracy. I call the same offensive foul on Cruz’s dribbling supporters.

I call FLAGRANT FOUL on Donald Trump for his narcissism; his sexism; his racism; his fascism; his authoritarianism; and his riot-inciting barbarism. I call the same offensive foul on Trump’s double-dribbling supporters.

I call PERSONAL FOUL on Gov. John Kasich of Ohio (my home state) for his contempt of public employee unions, fair wages, and collective bargaining rights; his antipathy of strong, independent women; his political pandering for votes; his lack of empathy; his use of the budget to get partisan policies passed into law; his use of public money (tax dollars) to fund private industries; his irresponsible, and hazardous to the environment, fracking agenda; and his out-right lies about jobs created since he’s been in office. I call the same offensive foul on Kasich’s dribbling fat-cat backers and supporters.

The month of March ends; the Madness dribbles on. By the end of July, three players will have been eliminated and the game turned into a one-on-one contest. But, come November, the ball will be in your court, American voters... Nail the haters to the bench.


Bonnie Bertelson

Bonnie Bertelson

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