A lot has transpired since I wrote the first “Orange is the New Whack” in which I said, Though I find his illeism (talking about himself in the third person) annoying, it is Trump’s erratic behavior and tyrannical disposition that bothers me. His denial of facts, embrace of conspiracy theories, attention-seeking rallies, vindictive/vengeful rants and intolerance of anyone who does not share his views, are what make me think he’s psychologically impaired (whack).” At the end of my article, I cited a piece by Steve Reisner, and acknowledged that I could be mistaken – Trump’s not whack; he’s evil.

Since then, my thoughts on the matter have become more inclusive and more open. More inclusive in that I’ve come to realize that not only is the Orange-POTUS whack, so are his sycophantic supporters; more open in that I’ve come to realize that he is not just whack or evil, he is BOTH.

How can I say such a thing, you ask? I can say it because I’m paying attention! I’ve witnessed this president’s incoherent, rambling sentences he strings together when he goes off-script. His most hateful rhetoric is delivered at self-aggrandizing rallies to his frothing crowd for no other purpose than to incite anger; pitting Americans against Americans.THIS IS NOT NORMAL! IT’S INSANE AND IT’S EVIL! 

Die-hard Trump supporters believe that he cares about them. They believe that he will “protect” them from people who don’t look like or think like them because they are as racist and as mentally unstable as he, in my opinion. What they fail to realize is that his malignant narcissism causes him to not give a damn about anyone other than himself and it “…is much worse than the ordinary person with narcissistic personality. You know, I have known lots of people like that, and none of them are as evil or dangerous as Donald Trump because they do not have the sociopathy part.”  

Since taking office, not a day has gone by without one lie or another (often multiple lies per day) coming out of the Orange Whack’s mouth. These are not just harmless falsehoods; they are delusional, democracy-eroding statements that may very well herald the collapse of our democratic republic.

Trump and the GOP sycophants’ most disturbing (and ongoing) lies are the ones about Russian cyber-attacks/interference and spreading of disinformation during the 2016 election;  lies about the Trump campaign’s plausible (and probable) collusion/conspiring with Kremlin operatives; and now lies attempting to discredit Mueller’s criminal investigation. The Russian effort to disrupt our government and sowing seeds of discontent is NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE! It’s an American issue, a very serious one that could end up with the Orange Whack himself behind bars.

Some have compared the Trump-Russia situation to Nixon-Watergate. Trump fired FBI director James Comey; Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox. But “this Russia thing” is far worse than Watergate, with or without “tapes”:

At the beginning of this year – Trump’s first year in office – rightwing political pundits/talking heads and the RNC tried to tell us that the 45th president’s demeanor would become “presidential” and things will get better. Well, it’s the end of the year now and things have only gotten worse and unless “we the people” rise up and resist Trump’s lies and his GOP-sponsored repressive authoritarianism, it’s not going to get any better.

Our freedoms, our basic human rights are being appropriated by a madman and his sycophantic throng. We must PEACEFULLY RESIST, even if that means stepping outside of our self-induced dispiritedness and taking action such as calling our representatives; helping people get registered to vote; signing and gathering signatures on meaningful petitions; speaking out against inequality; and for the love of America, get out and VOTE! 


Afterthought & Resolution - Dec. 30, 2017:  On Dec. 29th, the day after I submitted this rant piece, Michael S. Schmidt of the New York Times published an interview with an unfiltered, unattended (and unhinged) Donald J Trump. The POTUS was flying his “Orange Is the New Whack” flag at full mast in this interview, and it has caused a sensation in/on all the media outlets. You can follow the links to my favorite breakdown/follow-up pieces, which came from Vox – “Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed: Trump’s New York Times interview is a scary read”; and Esquire – “Trump’s New York Times Interview Is a Portrait of a Man in Cognitive Decline”. 

It is exhausting for me to try and keep up with 45’s insanity; frustrating and pointless to try and engage in honest debate with his lunatic followers. Therefore, my only ‘New Year Resolution’ will be to block the sycophants.

Bonnie Bertelson

Bonnie Bertelson

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