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    Bonnie Bertelson comes from a small town in Ohio. She grew up with the love of her family, who instilled in her the importance of connection and community. She is a mother of three and an accomplished expert in all things, according to her five grandchildren.

    In her career life, she was a systems engineer for the CEO and Executive Management Staff at Motorola. She resigned from that position after her oldest son went missing and his body was found three months later. Afterwards, she went on to create an online support group to help other bereaved parents.

    Politically, Bonnie is a progressive, free-thinker who prefers veracity over vitriol. While understanding that there is no harmony if everyone is singing the melody, she has no patience for authoritarian bullies who try to silence voices that don’t intone their message.

    Her passions include reading, theatre (watching, acting, directing), singing, family, friends, and fellow human beings.
  • Topic(s) of interest
    environment, science, politics, social media, peace, justice, equality