The text below is a copy and paste directly from the Federal Do Not Call List web site.

If I register my number, will ALL unwanted calls stop?

No, the Do Not Call Registry prohibits sales calls. You still may receive political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, informational calls, and telephone survey calls and some Types of Businesses and Individuals

Some types of businesses are not covered by the Rule even though they conduct telemarketing campaigns that may involve some interstate telephone calls to sell goods or services. These three types of entities are not subject to the FTC's jurisdiction, and not covered by the Rule:

-banks, federal credit unions, and federal savings and loans.

-common carriers — such as long-distance telephone companies and airlines — when they are

engaging in common carrier activity.

-non-profit organizations — those entities that are not organized to carry on business for their own, or

their members', profit.

These types of entities are not covered by the Rule because they are specifically exempt from the FTC's jurisdiction. Nevertheless, any other individual or company that contracts with one of these three types of entities to provide telemarketing services must comply with the Rule.




The "no" part about "informational" or "telephone survey calls" confuses me. I guess I thought that "Do Not Call" meant exactly that. If I register my number, will ALL unwanted calls stop? Not really.


About five years ago I registered the house phone and the three cell phones we have with the Federal Do Not Call List. The unwanted phone calls were down to about two a week. About three months ago we started getting several calls during the morning and several during the afternoon. One was so persistent, a late night robocall, it called at least 15 times one right after another. We finally unplugged the phone. I reported it to the Complaint Dept. of the Federal Do Not Call Dept. Now we're getting lots of Robocalls. I stopped answering the phone in the morning and afternoon unless I recognize the phone number that shows up on the house phone.


I had someone sending me texts on my cell that said that the caller could sell me cigarettes at a real cheap price. I just deleted the calls. But they continued. My cell captured the phone number so I sent a reply text saying if you persist in texting I will report your phone number to the Complaint Dept. of the Federal Do Not Call List, and added "stop texting me." I must have lucked out as the texts stopped.


A suggestion for all of you getting unknown phone calls, don't answer. A computer does the calling - saves the phone number when the call receiver answers the call by simply pushing the "on" button. The computer stores the information about the phone number, date and time. It can probably save an accurate location of the phone from the area code. (Great, now everybody knows about where we live.) And I assume the person or persons who own this robocall service sells all of the robocall numbers to whoever wants the list. Pretty slick. Wonder how many flockos are in on this scammiss frammiss?


I had figured out a way to stop the local roofers, plumbers, gardeners, patio builders, solar roof guys and house remodelers etc. from calling me again. I recorded a high pitch noise and was prepared to place it on the talk part of the phone and burn out the ears of the person calling. Is this mean. Yeah. Do I


Haven't had a chance to use it though, as we are continuing to get robocalls.



Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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