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No not Coca Cola. No not Cola Coka. If you've never heard of Coca, look it up. It used to be, many, many decades ago, as an additive in the old Coca Cola. Until somebody found out about what it really is. It was put on a Schedule 1 drug list, where it remains today.


The C.O.L.A. I'm talking about is the Cost Of Living Allowance. The annual pitiful raise social security recipients receive each year. This year because of falling oil prices and gas at the lowest price per gallon rate that is current today, everywhere except San Diego, have caused the "government committee" who decides this C.O.L.A. raise decided that there would be no raise for all social security recipients. Tying the C.O.L.A. to gas prices? Huh!? Are you kidding me? How can anything be tied to price of a gallon of gas. How about this "government committee" check on the price of a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, the price of a bunch of green beans.


I checked to see who makes up this "government committee" but I can't find any names. Just a continuous "government committee." Guess they don't want their names in ink. If anyone knows who this "government committee" is by name please don't hesitate to add them to the IFZ Zone Comments about this post.


Historically the C.O.L.A. has never caught up with inflation. It is still appreciated by social security recipients, however, I'm sure the social security recipients would rather have the real adjustment come much closer to reality.





These government committees just don't see the really big, big picture. There are a lot of seniors who depend only on social security to pay the rent, pay the utilities, food. Retirees drive less than full time employees anyway. So why try and balance the ol' federal budget on the backs of the elderly social security beneficiaries?


Anybody have an answer for this?


Somebody? Anybody?



Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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