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If the election was not enough to make anyone’s head spin, the aftermath of the election has been atrocity after atrocity. The wall, immigration ban, taking credit for things that were not his doing, a multitude of false information given by Trump, Twitter posts, name-calling, a more divided nation due to Trump and his statements, the Cabinet selection.... it just goes on and on and on.

I cannot say that CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, or any other news source is “fake” simply because I disagree with what they are saying about my favorite political candidate. I cannot be so leftist that one bad word against Hillary Clinton immediately warrants a ban on any news source, especially when I would believe the same news source if my least favorite candidate was projected in a bad light. Can we face it yet that these people who keep yelling “FAKE NEWS” are complete morons? They will love whatever The Trump says and detest whatever he dislikes. These people read a Twitter feed and think that is “real news” while they blatantly ignore the obvious: Most of what Lil D says is the actually fake news. He cannot, however, keep from saying wonderful things about the one news source that has been repeatedly called out for lying: FOX News.

trump fox is great

Many of the Trump supporters are not only in denial; they are in a perpetual state of “Oh, facts? Well fuck those and your idea of the American Dream: I MATTER, not YOU.” It boils down to an extreme case of selfishness but that is not all. Ignorance, selfishness, and the fact that many of these people were raised by the crooked church is a horrible recipe for a shitty adult. I say crooked because the church sets an incredibly terrible example: Come here, every week, follow our rules, pay us money, we will feed you a line or two from a book that you have all claimed to already have read, and then when you step out of line we will tell you how horrible you are. Church... the ultimate members-only book club that makes people yelp for approval and pay for it. It’s really fucked up and terribly clever when you think about it.

The President is constantly responding to very serious issues with name-calling and ignorant diversions. Instead of discussing the Oroville Dam issue, he was bitching about his daughter’s clothing line. This issue is extremely ignorant because, as any business person knows when a line is not doing well in a store, it is cut from the store’s product supply in order to make room for stuff that will actually sell. The reason Ivanka’s items were not selling was because of good ole dad. See, rednecks and ignoramuses largely do not shop at Nordstrom’s, so there is an obvious reason why her clothing line hit the proverbial dung heap in sales. Trump, as usual, causes messes and then blames anyone but himself. It is just another case of whining, then turning around and calling out Liberals for “whining” over the marches and protests. Things Trump has caused but is not man enough to fix. These are not opinions as much as they are observable facts.

The newest debacle is the Russian contact during the election. First of all, we already knew this since Hillary exclaimed it during the Presidential Debates, however other media outlets were pointing fingers and discussing the connection prior to Trump’s win as well. So this is not, by any means, new information to the public. Why didn’t anyone listen? Because Trump’s first agenda was to (and still is to) discredit everyone but himself so his followers can do the same and so he seem more believable. Many of his followers never said “Fake News” regarding CNN or NBC or ABC before this election. They said “Fake News” about the Onion (some of them anyway). But now, mainstream media is considered fake news by almost every single idiot who was dumb / selfish enough to vote for Trump. The most Presidential response to the Russian connection reports would have been along the lines of, “I am deeply sorrowed to hear of these reports. I will do everything in my power to get to the bottom of this and, in the meantime, will focus our strengths on other matter such as the infrastructure of America and creating jobs for the American people. But no... not our President. Trump’s responses to the Russian issue:

trump hillary losing campaign tweet

Someone needs to inform Trump that the campaign is over and that it is now time to act like a big boy. Let’s stop making back-biting comments regarding Hillary losing. Mainly because she is still the most popular candidate for the people and it just makes Trump look even guiltier (in terms of cheating to win). Everything Trump bitches about, he has caused in some way.

But this kind of response is not something new with Trump. He constantly and consistently responds to news (like the dossier, the inauguration turnout, and Ivanka’s clothing line to name a very few) with childish rhetoric that only could be appreciated by the wonderfully “special” and stunted Trump supporters.

Trump cannot take any form, and I mean ANY form of criticism. It has become a national embarrassment for the Americans with an I.Q. higher than 85. But we still have those Trump apologetics and the ones that would vote for a pile of shit if it had the Republican stamp on it.

Laura Helvey

Laura Helvey

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