Take one minute and forty-two seconds to watch this video:

Crazy woman at Target

Chances are you have already watched this. It was all over the news a month or two ago and it has splashed over social media since.

There are a few points to be made from this video regarding fundamental differences in the overall personality and behavioral aspects of Atheists and Christians.

Point one: Atheists generally do not take their children into a clearly religious area in order to bark their beliefs at other people. Atheists generally attempt to spread knowledge, instead of fear and hate. Atheists (mind you, there are radical Atheists who have and will do this) do not yell at the top of their voice and hold literature up in the air to prove a point. Could you imagine if Atheists went into churches on Sunday with “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins raised high in the air shouting things like, “You are all deceived!!! There is no God!!! There is only SCIENCE!!!! Look at all of us, each with one to two children, we care about our children learning and YOU don’t! You just want to brainwash them because you are brainwashed!” Yeah, how many ass kickin’s do you think would happen over that? My guess would be A LOT and that is if, and only if, any of the Atheists would even make it out of the church without being hog tied and stoned, or burned at the stake, or stabbed on an alter... pick your favorite Biblical death.

Point two: Older white males are largely the offenders when it comes to pedophilia / molestation of younger boys. And a number of those older white males are clergy of some sort. Why weren’t there any protests like this when the public caught onto the fact that little boys were being molested in public bathrooms by priests? Furthermore, were there protests that I missed regarding the number of gay Republican men using the cruisy airport bathrooms? I can’t think of any huge issue regarding these instances. Atheists did not take up arms (literally) to guard the bathrooms and not allow creeper-looking men to enter.

Point three: Do you leave your underage child in a bathroom without standing right by the door (if they are old enough to go on their own)? Or at least give a time limit like 5 minutes to go. Generally, moms or dads go into the bathroom with the kids when they are really little (relates to a higher chance of being molested by an older white male). I have known many religious people who speak up as an adult and the story is the same, “I was touched at church by the preacher..staff... member of the church.. other kids at the church...etc...” The difference here is that Atheists protect their children ALWAYS, not only when there is a hot button issue on Facebook.

Which brings me to point four: More children are molested at church or within a church group than in public restrooms. This is because it is more realistic and opportunistic for a pedophile to molest, rape, or sodomize a child when that person has the time and place to do so, like a church event or in the basement of a church, or a kid’s birthday party in the backroom. Unlike public restrooms where someone could hear a child screaming or the (good) parents are there / close by to check in on the child, churches are breeding grounds for issues like this. I would know.

I was not molested, but when I was 12 years old I went to a church gathering that my sister had at a friend’s house and about 6 of us younger kids went into a bedroom to play. A little bit later a man from the church (I do not know his title) came in, shut the door behind him, sat on a bed that was up against a wall, and watched us for a little bit. He was wearing a brown suit with an off-white shirt underneath and no tie. He was older, I would say in his early to mid-thirties. He got my attention and asked me to come over to him. I said “okay” and walked up. He said, “Here sit down” and offered his lap for me to sit on. I said, “No, I will stand here.” He insisted I sit down, and of course when I finally did, I felt like I sat on something. He adjusted himself to where I was almost sitting directly on the front of his pants and I was faced away. He adjusted himself again and I said, “What is that.. am I sitting on something...?” I turned my head around and he got his face real close to mine, pushed me down a little on his groin and said, “It’s okay, we are just sitting here watching the other kids.” I had a pretty good idea what it was. I tried to get up and he wrapped his arms around me, and said, “It’s okay sweetie.” I told him I had to go find my sister and he said, “Okay, let her know I am watching the kids in here.” I could never tell my sister what happened that day because she was so religious. I just knew she would never believe me over anyone who was religious.

I have never had an issue in a public restroom. Even if there were gay people in there. *Gasp!!* Shocking, I know right?

Point five: Where is the increased crime rate from the transgendered population? I mean, since they are all horrible, sinning, perverts. Where are the news stories about transgendered people ganging up on people in public restrooms now that they are “allowed” access to the straights? Now, I have seen an increase in the crime rate from people who are pretending to be transgendered. Of course, when they are caught, they act like it is their “right” to be in an area where they obviously should not be (proving their religious point, no doubt). I have read where right-wing radicals have hurt transgendered people in the restrooms. And quite frankly when all of this was new and coming out, I was more worried about the LGBT community than the safety of the right-wing... and for a good reason, obviously. I am somewhat scared to go into a public restroom now, just because of the creeps who are opportunistic and want to prove a damn point to their Lord Jesus. This is another difference: Atheists will not intentionally make other people feel so uncomfortable in order to prove a magical being is real. It just will not happen. Unfortunately, there are some Christians who will. It’s along the same line of “Let’s take guns into public restaurants!” Or “Let’s eat Chick-fil-A every damn day of this week only. I don’t even like their sammiches, but I loooove their point of view ‘bout Jesus and all.” Atheists may go to a store that promotes Atheism, but it is because there are cute or practical items to buy. Or we would go there in order to not be bombarded by Jesus. I live in the south and I’ll be dammed if I can’t even go to a public outing without being asked to bow my head and pray to a make-believe sky daddy for everyone getting there okay.

And all of this “blessin your food in a prayer circle before dinner” shit has GOT to stop. I would just like a simple thank you, Laura” when I spend 5 hours in the damn kitchen to make dishes to take to a family pot-luck. But no. I do it, and then they all thank Jesus for it. So... fuck me, right? Another difference, I thank the actual people who made the damn meal. I appreciate them and I give credit where the credit is due.

To wrap up: There are fundamental differences between Atheists and Christians. It is apparent in the news, and the current status of our bipartisan politics. People freak out about pretty much anything they read, hear, or see on the news and especially on social media. But one thing has stood constant over the decades: There is not transgender chaos in the public rooms of the United States of America. And, some kids are still highly in danger due to the ignorant choices of the parents. The parents who insist that leaving their young children with a member of the church is safer than going to Target and waiting 5 minutes for their kid to poop. It is lazy parenting is what it is, and once again the parents are hiding being God to voice their misogynistic, rude, and highly bigoted point of views.

*Note: This is not about ALL people of one particular group - this is a summation of differences between the majority of these two groups.

Laura Helvey

Laura Helvey

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