"to trigger the "latent devil" (primitive stimulus-response) in us"

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I dare you to watch this video, just uploaded (November 24, 2015) by the Islamic State. This is an intelligently designed message. And it would be intelligent of us to evaluate it without any dismissive emotional responses, after which, take a look below. In perfect English (and several other languages), and with symbols intended to trigger specific responses, it certainly can appeal to some of the world's most disenfranchised and rightfully angry people.

And just like Hitler's message appealed to so many, we had better rationally confront this into extinction... and that includes its other Abrahamic equivalencies, on Capitol Hill to Texas public school boards for example.

And one of the keys to this, in my opinion, is to completely reevaluate all hostiles, economic- and terror-fear responses, xenophobias etc towards the refugees fleeing this horror in Syria and elsewhere... INCLUDING those impacted by anthropogenic climate change!

In my opinion, just as going to war on a for-profit lie to battle someone else's demon on his terms and stage leads to a reciprocal effect of becoming that devil, by compassionately (cognitive empathy) embracing every refugee in flight, we reciprocally problem-manage the embedded "demons" -- the enculturated, conditioned primitive thinking/behavioral patterns -- from within our own ethnic histories. 

Just say NO to anyone who wants you to live in a state of fear.  It's not healthy, least of all for the developing brains of children and hence for the success of our species. 

Our message back to the Islsmic State (and its Christian-Judaic ilk, including within our own governments and schools):

Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen

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