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    Bent Lorentzen, author of 4th place Dream Realm book Awards, *Dragon’s Moon*, has published feature cultural articles for periodicals & organizations like the Baltimore Sunday Sun, the USIS (United States Information Service), The World & I, Viking Magazine, Open Road Ltd. and many others. He has also published science fiction and fantasy. In 2002, his short story, Passage, won 3rd prize in the Ground Zero literary competition for its description of a Cherokee in Central park mourning and surmounting great loss following 9/11.

    His interdisciplinary work in the sciences has included employment as an ornithology research assistant in the 1970’s DDT crisis, teaching natural history at the grade school level, co-founding and CEO of Many Leaves One Tree, a 501C-3 NGO to empower adult child-abuse survivors, which earned a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Foundation social consciousness award in 1994.

    He was also hired by the Copenhagen municipality as a mental health counselor and educator for the social-psychiatric department. Currently, at the ripe age of 61, he is slowly working towards a PhD in depth psychology, integrating it with his evolutionary biology, environmental science and cultural anthropology backgrounds. He enjoys photography and film-making, having been employed by the Alice G. Wallace Planetarium to help produce educational multimedia programs.