freedom of speech

We throw around the word 'freedom',
Pledge allegiance to justice and liberty,
But have we ever really understood,
The meaning of these words we see?

We toil at jobs for money,
That just barely pays the bills,
Spend it on processed foods,
That our stomach, it barely fills.

Money is thrown at our government,
As bribes to get favors due,
But only the rich see benefits,
Never people like me and you.

As for 'Justice', it too has faded,
When money swaps truth and lies,
Criminals, celebrities and rich alike,
Out the window good judgment flies.

We look down upon the poor,
Due to the substances they abuse,
But for the rich we say "it's alright",
"They are famous, let them use".

A set of double standards,
Makes this world go round.
One for the rich, one for all the rest.
What sort of message does this sound?

Our government is selfish and corrupt,
the land filthy, soiled, and battered,
How far our flag has fallen,
Hearts broken and spirits shattered.

Strip away the lies we tell ourselves,
About guns, violence, fraud and bigotry,
Feel the fear we live with daily.
Then tell me, what makes us think we're free?


                                                                                                          ~ EJK

Eric J. Kiser

Eric J. Kiser

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