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    I'm a forty-something former musician turned business geek, who after spending a few years riding a desk for a huge global communications company, decided that I missed the low pay, instability and damaged self-esteem a person gets from working in the entertainment industry. Then it all went terribly wrong; I became V.P. of the largest full service Film & Television studio in the SoCal region. We've produced thousands of hours of content for television and a few dozen feature films (some you may have even heard of!). If that wasn't self destructive enough, I recently decided to pursue a passion from my early years full time; Writing.

    Feel free to look around, check out my site and/or drop me a line. Peace.
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    Politics, Politics and Washington D.C.
  • If published, where?
    I have two titles currently available:
    "The Forgotten Cost of Freedom" (non-fiction) - One man's rant about what is wrong with our government and suggestions about what we can do to fix it.

    "The Governing Class" (fiction) - Remember all those crazy 20th century tin foil hat conspiracy theory's? Guess what.... They were TRUE! This is an epic alternate history take on the 1% and what they are trying to do.

    Both are available at Amazon (print/kindle) and Smashwords (e-pub)