Congress and GOP elephant


Least productive Congress in modern times award goes to the 104th edition, in 1995. However, with a flurry of bills passed just before the 2014, 113th Congress adjourned, the 113th avoided being #1.


The United States Congress - what a project...a project? The United States of America Senate, or the Senate. The United States of America House of Representatives, or the House. Let's call them – guys and gals, or gals and guys? No. Let's call them colleagues - that only happens sometimes, so that won't do. Elected officials...getting closer. How about "federal elected officials who represent the majority of citizens of each respective federal district and state." Whew! That's kind of a long tag.


Now, 2015, both the House and Senate are supposedly under the control of one political party. That should make initiating new laws, new budgets, and enacting them easier. Not. In fact, Congress is now subdividing into smaller groups, and this is in the same political party.


The Speaker of the House resigns rather than have a fight, between his own Republican Party members, as to whether he should continue to be the Speaker of the House. (The guy was having a difficult time getting things done because of...well you know why, ultra conservative republicans and the regular guys and gals, all republicans. Amazing.) Now, there will be a knock down, dragged out bruising fight to see who gets to be the lofty Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party can just keep their distance and watch.
This group of several different ultra conservatives were at the helm of this event. The real interesting part is, some of these groups are even more conservative than the others. Wholly different ideologies. How can that be? Somebody have an answer? Anybody?


These ultra conservatives, mostly members of the notorious Tea Party Losers, have been elected to their position by their constituency back home. I wonder if the folks back home really understand the "really big picture." If they think they can blackmail the government, by shutting it get what they want, they need to rethink that theory. Legislation passed by them (this ain't gonna' happen), the congressman/women need to also rethink that theory. It looks to me like they sandbag their constituency, get to keep their jobs (job security), and probably some travel...including paid for healthcare for the rest of their lives. Pretty cool scammis frammis.


It's kind of humorous to see several high profile congressmen/women being interviewed on television and each has a different idea how legislation should be enacted on certain bills.
For me it beats watching sit-coms.


Maybe a little canned laughter can be added just for the drama?




Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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