Our government, more accurately society as a whole, spends too much energy trying to be responsive to the trivial issues of the day. Often this is done at the expense of more important concerns that we know we cannot afford to lose sight of.

Politicians engage in spin control and 'horse race' tactics while they are quietly influenced by special interests to subtly pass legislation. Legislation that extends government into areas of our private lives in which no government has any business ever getting involved. This is done for reasons that are not clearly presented to the public, or worse, reasoning that is falsely provided as means to achieve an agenda -- so called 'wedge issues'. Nothing more than Weapons of Mass Distractions. This type of politics has been going on for decades. And it needs to stop.

Then we are left with the erosion of our civil liberties that we have experienced over the last decade and a half.

It is unacceptable for the citizens of this country to relinquish any of the 'inalienable rights' as documented in our Declaration of Independence or outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the narrow interpretation of a small group who's definition of 'Homeland Security' says that we must alter the basic principles this country was founded on in order to keep those principles intact.

This silent surrender by the population indicates that the domestic policies and current priorities of our elected officials in Washington are more dependent on where some TV journalists happens to be pointing their camera than on any actual attempt to make this country safe, or the future of it's people more secure.

As a nation we have lost our sense of 'tragedy', of 'community outrage' and most importantly, our national 'mobilization of shame'. We no longer have a clear sense that every day bad things are going to happen to good people by those who care only about their own personal gain. And, unless we band together as a community and demonstrate our absolute rejection of this behavior, we cannot expect any different. We must condemn those who would engage in this activity by making their actions unacceptable through our unwillingness to stand by and let it happen. Only by taking the position that this type of manipulation will not be tolerated can we ever hope to keep those who seek to control the population of this country from ever gaining that power.

Every single American citizen is protected equally by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not just those that can afford that protection, or those, who by their associations, are not held accountable for the actions they take. One of the fundamental beliefs of all Americans is that our system provides equal justice under the law for all people regardless of their station in life. Justice is NOT spelled: 'Just Us'!

A nation that expects it's government to prevent churches from being burned, to control the price of bread or gasoline, to provide secure jobs for all, or to seek out some villain to hold responsible for every dramatic event we encounter appears willing to lose a larger measure of our freedom and liberty than we have to give. Governments should absolutely have the ability to punish those who break the law. That's obvious. But it is our job as citizens to foster a society that does not tolerate church burnings, price gouging or scape-goating - not the government.

Our government cannot be all things to all people. Our founding fathers knew this when they drafted these documents. It was never, repeat NEVER, their intention that this country be ruled by popular opinion. The vision of this country that these brilliant men originally conceived shows us they specifically sought to avoid this possibility. We are a republic not a democracy. This is why we have an Electoral College, Delegates, a Legislative body that accounts for representation based on population and an independent Court system. But this system only works as long as those we elect don't sell us out and if we step up and do our part by remembering to vote. The problem is the former happens everyday and the latter doesn't happen nearly enough.

Our forefathers, who fought and died for these beliefs, would be appalled at the state of the union today. We have traded away elemental aspects of our constitution because the people were told that this is the only way the Government would be able to protect us.

Listen to me: This Government was not designed to protect us! This government was designed to provide us with the freedom and ability to protect ourselves!

I believe the majority of us did not agree to give away our inherent "American-ism's" for any reason or for any price. Yet that is exactly what has happened. Do a little research for yourself and check out how many of the first ten amendments are still the law of the land. You will be outraged by what has been done to your 'rights' by your 'representatives' under the guise of keeping you safe. And you should be.

Basically, when our rights are restricted, our sovereignty is suspended and our freedom is forfeited for the sake of a frightened public that desires to feel secure, we lose those ideals that made this country great. I mean, how could some piece of political machinery hope to provide solutions to any issue without doing exactly what political machines are designed to do.... enact more legislation and take away more freedom.

So, how does this happen to a country without alarm bells going off and people being outraged. One way – slowly, over time.

Many political observers over the last 40 or 50 years, people much smarter than I, who are actively involved, have been telling us for years that the two main political parties have been taken over by partisan extremists. These hard core members represent something like 10-15% of the voting base on either side and are seemingly dedicated to forcing this country either to the far right or far left by any means available. If you consider these numbers accurate, then we see that somewhere around 70% of the voting public are those who fall either just to the right or left of political center. These 'Centrist's' represent not just a majority, but the true power base of politics in this country.


You see the problem, right? Any partisan group which gains influence over this voting block can shift the balance of power in a democracy that has limited itself to only two major parties.

This 'two party system' has created the tug-of-war environment that became the basis of that permanent campaign. The only way to eliminate this type of what I call 'Partisan Interest Based Politics' is to look closely at the two main parties and ask ourselves honestly whether or not they accurately represent our personal system of beliefs. I find it hard to believe that this country has only two points of view about anything, much less something as important as to how this country should be run.

OK then, how does one go about implementing institutional change in an entrenched system that is bent on eroding our freedom? By looking closely at how that system was originally designed and intended. By fundamentally stripping away the layers of bureaucracy that have altered that original intent over time, and by reinforcing the safe guards already in place in such a way that no possibility exists for this type of power grab to ever happen again. Oh, and one more thing, hold those we elect responsible!

If we could ask the men who wrote the founding documents what they think, they would tell us that their intentions were clearly documented. And, if in fact a majority of Americans wanted some profound change to happen in this country, the method they would recommend is revolution. Hey, it worked for them.

What our nation needs more of in Washington is 'choice'. What this nation needs is 5 or 10, even 15 or 20 viable political parties to choose from. These parties would more accurately represent the differences we have within our population. This amount of choice would preclude one party from ever gaining enough power to control the congress or the senate. This number of differing viewpoints would ensure that any legislation having enough votes to pass would by definition be multi-partisan. This many parties involved in the conformation processes would ensure a great many political ideals would be represented in the conformation of Cabinets positions, in the selection of Federal Judges and nominee's to our highest court. This level of diversity would create a government that, to borrow a phrase was: 'representative of the people, by the people, for the people'. In short, a true Representative Democracy.

Only you can do something to save this country from itself. Only you can say 'No' when politicians say one thing and turn around and do something else once the camera's have turned away. You are the only protection this country has now, or has ever, needed. You must not tolerate the status quo to go on unchallenged. Society must hold politicians accountable for their actions. Politics as usual must end. TODAY!

After you read this I hope you take a good long look at your personal political belief system. Then take a look at how the party you are a member of stacks up against those beliefs. Ask yourself how and why you chose to associate with that party in the first place. Question your own long held assumptions. And if, when you are done, you cannot say you agree with at least 70% of the core positions of that party, break away!

Look around you, go out in your community and try to find other like-minded people and start talking. Start sharing your views with anyone and everyone who will listen. If necessary, create a new party based on how you see America. Remember, the people who are supposed to be in control of the U.S. are US. But we simply cannot do our job if we have given away our rights and choose to shirk our responsibility.

And when you decide to take a stand, never, ever forget that a small group of dedicated, focused and hard working citizens can in fact change the world.

How do I know this?

Because, It's the only thing that ever has!

Thank you for your time. Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring.


Eric J. Kiser

Eric J. Kiser

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