Six Flags over Texas

Um... Excuse me. I have a question.

Since we are taking a stand regarding the confederate flag flying over tax payer funded public grounds, does this mean we are giving corporations who venerate this symbol a pass? I ask because, well, if we're going to do this, let's do it right.

I call it hypocrisy if we make a big deal about this flag flying over state houses and then don't work to eradicate this symbol from ALL public places everywhere. I understand we cannot, and probably should not, try and force individuals from flying it on their own property. After all, that would violate a persons first amendment right. Plus it's a great way to get a heads-up as to where the bigots live. But should we continue to support corporations who use or align themselves with this wretched piece of southern 'heritage'?

I vote no.

One large corporation I know of is still flying the confederate flag every single day. Not the 'Battle Flag' that has raised so much commotion by flying over the state house grounds in South Carolina, but the actual confederate flag adopted by the confederate congress. The one known as the 'Stars and Bars' (which is probably why they have gotten away with it for so long). This corporation doesn't seem to care that this is a symbol of hate and racism - they just see it as a means of making money. I'm talking about Six Flags Entertainment Corp.

Six Flags, as the name implies, refers to the flags of the six different nations that have, at one time or another, governed the state the corporation started in – Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and of course, the Confederate States of America.


It's my understanding that at each of the 13 amusement parks, 7 water parks and 8 "separate admission" parks under the Six Flags corporate umbrella fly nine different flags every day: The American Flag, The flag of the state the park is located in, the Six Flags company flag and the flags of the six nations referenced above. I understand this is history and I don't think we should hide from the troubling parts of our past. But after how far we have come, is this really acceptable?

If we have finally arrived at the point where we are putting an end to the use of this icon of hate is it too much to ask one of this country's largest amusement park corporations to please bring this flag down? Now.

I can hear the southern fried response already; "This is political correctness gone too far. Its just an acknowledgment of history, for gosh sake."

Exactly! The history of a losing group of treasonous secessionists who's history is all about reducing a race of people to chattel. To deny this entire group the dignity of being considered 'people'. Well, if corporations want to be treated like people – then take the damn thing down!

In my opinion, they don't get to use a symbol of hate like this for any purpose. Period. Especially not this one. The Battle Flag was bad enough, but this is the flag that was approved by the confederate congress and actually flew over the capitol, state houses of the confederacy and was also carried into battle against the United States. This is the real representative symbol of the horrible prejudice that split this country in two. The real symbol of hate. Are we not over this crap yet?

We are half way home, people. Let's finish this thing.

Any questions?



Eric J. Kiser

Eric J. Kiser

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