the Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger: Tonto, it's time we leave. OK Kemosabe.

Hi Ho Silver...Away!

Townsfolks: Who was that masked man?

Another townsfolk: I don't know but he left this silver bullet.



superhero mask


Every time I see a bunch of these masked ISIS dudes I think of the Lone Ranger and my other masked heroes...Ironman, Spiderman, Zorro, Batman and Robin, the Green Flash and...and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


I wonder why ISIL or ISIS, or whatever acronym they use, prefer to have their faces covered. Are they cowards? Do they have an acne problem? Are some not old enough to shave so they have no beard? Maybe they have bad breath? Bad tooth decay? Maybe they secretly have ear pods hooked up to their iPods and are listening to Grand Funk Railroad.


I was wondering where they get all of the masks they are wearing. Is this standard military issue garb? Can a person understand what the masked dude is saying through his beanie? I guess the masks only come in one It's probably easier to order them on line and cheaper if ISIL orders a bunch all in the same color.



ISIS mask


What happens if the ISIS dude sneezes and has some really gnarly snot all over the inside of his mask? Uh. Oh. Can he remove the mask, wipe the snot away, then put it back on? Kind of a messy situation. Wonder if they have handkerchiefs? Would the ISIS dudes even use a handkerchief... nobody has said these ISIL dudes are rocket scientists.


I was wondering how the Four Ninja Turtles would fare in a mano a mano with four ISIS dudes. ISIL would have to check their weapons at the door...this is mano a mano. My money is on the Turtles.


I don't see Numero Uno ISIL dude wearing a mask S'up with that?


I'll continue to laugh every time I see the ISIS dudes and their masks on TV.


Hi Ho Silver...Away.



Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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