Vladimir Putin winking




Vladimir, Vladimir...
How does your country grow?
With armed tanks and fighter jets
All parked in a row.

Barrel bombing and gassing your pal's citizens
Seems to be something you can ignore.
It will all come back on you...
In this horrible tragedy and war.


Vladimir, you are a malcontent, in this case born too late in the 20th century. I used to think you were a fool, now I think you're just a jerk. I don't even know if that's the right word.


I was interested in your statement about no Pinko Commie boots on the ground in Syria. When you finished this statement you added the caveat... "There may be some volunteers who might want to go to the aid of Bashar al-Assad," the president of Syria. The brutal thug who barrel bombs and gasses his own people.


Putin...Like President Obama said, the entire world is watching you. Do you understand the big historical picture here? The only countries on your side of this nightmare are Syria and Iran. Be allies with Syria and Iran? You have to be kidding me. Like trusting a couple of rattle snakes. The only thing missing is the buffoon who is in charge of North Korea. And if anybody gave a damn about North Korea he might be a threat.


Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Syria. Thousands upon thousands of Syrians have been killed. Syrians fleeing their home country only have what they can carry.


Syria, what a great place to try out all of the new Russian weapons. Instead of blowing up targets at the target range, you can see how effective they are in a real war situation. With the first round of 26 cruise missiles launched, four of them hitting Iran. Right on Vladimir. Right on.


Syria...what a great place to settle down, get married, get a job, find a nice place to live, have kids and all of the kids attending school. Maybe own a type of car so a person can get to his job where he makes a decent wage.


You singing "Blueberry Hill" was an attempt at what? You ain't Fats.


Syria, what a great place for a vacation. You can...let's see, then you can always, then there's...


Well, maybe not.



Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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