I have a couple of questions I'm hoping my friends can help with. It's something I have been thinking about, on and off, for a couple of years now - but most especially these last few month's. So, I would honestly appreciate your thoughts on this. (After I get a few comments I will gladly share my thoughts with you.)

Why does it seem like we have all come to hate (or, if to 'strong' of a term: despise) our political opposition?

Why is their an absolute lack of understanding, or tolerance, of those who do not see the world exactly like we do?

Why do conservatives think liberals are a bunch of weak, tax and spend, open borders, anti-growth, soft on crime, baby killing, cop hating, flag burning, Hate America First, pro-terrorist, nanny state, U.N. loving, coastal elitists?


Why do liberals view conservatives as unapologetic obstructionists, pro-business (ONLY), anti-obvious science, greedy, selfish, think all unborn fetus' deserve life but once born your on your own, minority ignoring, believe if you want healthcare then provide your own, hate-filled racist, war mongering assholes?

Politics used to be about compromise. Politicians coming together with the understanding that neither side is going to get everything they want but the goal is to achieve maximum common good for the country.

Why did we lose our focus? When did we let it happen?

How can we get it back?


Eric J. Kiser

Eric J. Kiser

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