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    Doug sometimes writes in the third person, where he takes liberties as to his miscellaneous expertise in random vocations and obscures his checkered past. He has been an Associate Editor, Typographer, Graphic Artist, Award-Winning Business Forms Designer, and a Web Content Manager. A former Macintosh guru, owns a working Mac SE from 1987. He has been on the internet for 25 years, before web pages existed, and cut his teeth in continuous flame wars on Usenet; hence, he scoffs at amateur trolls on Facebook who arrived here last week. Born in The South, he grew up in a small Midwestern town and lives nearby there today. He has spent a large slice of his life “doing things he ought not to be doing,” as the euphemism goes, but shows no inclination to regret any of it. Says he’s “semi-retired” which actually means “no-more-worky-for- assholes.” He has a white pit bull terrier named Cindy who allows him to sleep in her bed.
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    History, Politics, Fiction