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    Patrick N.R. Julius is many things: His business cards currently read "Author, Researcher, Tutor, Photographer" and he is considering adding "Entrepreneur" as well. He thinks of himself most of all as a cognitive economist; he has a bachelor's degree in cognitive science and a master's degree in economics, and is planning on a PhD in public policy at some point in the future. He is the author of Special Relativity from the Ground Up, which he wrote when he was 16. In 2010 he was one of four recipients of the James Randi Educational Foundation scholarship. He currently writes a weekly blog about cognitive economics called Infinite Identical Psychopaths. His column, recurring roughly every two weeks, will primarily be about how rethinking economics and reuniting it with philosophy and the other social sciences can lead to better policies and even conquer global problems like poverty and war. His long-term goal is to balance three pursuits: Research, education, and policy. While there is much we still don't know—research—there is also a great deal that we do know that others do not—education—and a great deal of knowledge that could be put into practice immediately and benefit millions of people—policy.
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