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    Rosa Jimenez was born in Venezuela, and grew up in an atmosphere of an Andean vilage, Rubio, surrounded by mountains, which history has influenced to a great extent the history of the country.

    She studied her primary and part of the secondary school in this little town. Then, due to a better opportunity that her mother forged in the capital for the family, she moved together with her grandmother to the coastal central part of Venezuela, known since 1999 as Vargas State. Since then, she has been living in the capital region, near the sea, which gave her a first glance of freedom.

    Being there she finished her secondary school and after that applied to study at one of the main universities in Venezuela, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), graduating afterwards as BSc in Math. During the development of her career, she always wondered if it was what she wanted.

    Later on Rosa decided to pursue a Masters degree in Earth Sciences in order to make sense of all the abstract concepts, she studied in her Bachelor degree, through applications to real world. Several answers were found, among them some inspiring to continue the journey in Applied Math to study Nature. But still there were questions unanswered, such as getting the certainty about the path to be fulfilled and happy. And of course, new questions came up from this stage of her life.

    Then, a marvelous opportunity to go abroad took place in her way: postgraduate studies in an American university. That was a dream come true for Rosa in a twofold manner: first, to visit a place she’d just seen in TV and fallen in love because of its language and secondly, its amazing deal in scientific advances. She stayed there for 5 years living, learning, and expanding her awareness on many facets, from the professional point of view to the mere human being level, which at the end was the most rewarding.

    The years she spent in USA have been the best of her life, since many aspects in the cultural sense were tested and tuned for the best. She met very interesting people from around the world, visited some interesting cities not only in US but also in Canadá and Mexico.

    Back in her home country she looked for an English teaching job to help others accomplish the first step toward a second language, and this experience allowed her to live the joy of being productive to others in short time, which contrasts with the scientific world that requires a huge amount of time to see the results.

    After 4 years having a good time through English teaching in her native country, which is a great deal, she accepted the offer of returning to the applied science arena. She is currently a faculty member of the same university she attended to and graduated from. And her plan is essentially to be happy by applying all the things she has learned so far in her time in USA and the recent period in the languages teaching world.