Coping with Captain Queeg at the helm

Our democratic republic has been undermined, in the glaring light of day, on a world stage, by the very individual who has taken a sacred oath to do the complete opposite of those brazen, treasonable acts of trashing our faithful allies and cuddling up to our sworn enemy.

Such blatant treachery has not been committed against this union of American states since the defection of the Confederacy that caused the sacrificial mounds of blue and gray to pile up on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.

That was just last week’s meltdown at NATO and Helsinki. Afterwards, the usual terrified Trumpian toadies were able to hold him down just long enough to kinda read a ridiculous cya-statement in an effort to minimize the perfidy.

Barely was that done, when the head of our intelligence services was surprised in a live interview with the information that that very same, supposed, ultimate protector of the U.S. has invited his “Rasputin” into the midst of the very same political process all of our intelligence agencies unwaveringly charge him with protecting!

At this point, despite brief periods of clarity, we are in the clutches of a raving maniac. To those of you who have the power to do something about this, note that there is not enough room for all of you at the table of the future dictator. Why take the chance that your head will not be among those lopped off by the guillotine?!

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So, he’s not a politician;

Obviously lacks erudition.

Forget all the things

That he lacks or brings –

We’re on the road to Perdition!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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