Hey, you idiots over there on the third planet!
When are you going to wake up?
Don’t you dare tell me to, “Can it;”
I’ve been here since Sirius was a pup.

You’d better use me while I’m still around.
I’ve only got five, “Bills” more to go.
That’s just a bit more than I’ve been crowned.
Yeah – 4.5, 3.7 – I know…

After the sudden noise and chaos,
I strove heartily to show my face.
The eruption mightily did flay us.
I watched my galaxy fall into place.

I had a feeling about your clump, though;
The atoms in it seemed to shine.
When a part of it broke off and became moonglow,
I could then sense the murky brine.

But that phenomenon was yet to come.
The original miasma took great toll.
It needed time to stretch and hum --
To pitch and belch, to turn and roll.

After the magnetics
Began to blossom out,
The resultant kenetics
Commenced to turn it about.

When the outside began to cool,
And the divergent poles did wake up,
The other planets began to drool;
Jealous of that gravity/magnetic make-up.

Then, the waters began to stir,
Odd creatures began to move therein.
Soon, it became a blur.
Some crawled out and formed dry skin.

Later, diverse creatures scampered
And tasted the abundant flora.
They moved about unhampered
Until – “Faith and begorrah!”

All was well, until one day,
Falling from the sky,
An object turned my light gray;
It made the other planets cry.

The earth they hoped for was hidden;
They wondered if all was lost.
The planet that seemed bedridden
Had paid an awful cost.

What of the monstrous creatures?
They seemed to have disappeared.
A marvelous blue ball now features
Those now upon two haunches reared.

In time, thumb-opposed fingers
Began their marvelous work.
That creature who never lingers
Took on a self-satisfied smirk.

That’s you, you over-fed earthlings!
You’ve barely just arrived.
Despite your many magic things,
You now have over-imbibed.

Everything you’ve wrought there
Came from Mother Earth.
You’ve practically stripped the poor gal bare;
You’ve whittled down her girth.

You’ve blocked the tube she breathes through,
Reduced her forest-green hair,
Made of the oceans a plastic lieu,
And poisoned her precious air.

The sands have already told you
How I can best be used.
She won’t retain that storied blue
Until you and I are fused.

The fossils filled your energy hunger,
But now their deed is done.
You cannot sustain that ethereal wonder
Without the full breadth of the sun!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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