Lego White House

A constitutionally potent, minority of Americans went to the schoolyard and chose a peacock of a bully to preside over us. That group of citizens, who had become disillusioned because of a changing economy and a host of subliminal, socio-historical hangers-on -- which they would be hard-pressed to detect or analyze -- poured their frustration into the selection of this nasty, impudent kid with the destructive mallet, who promised to drive all of the adults out of their minds. Voila, folks; here we are! The mallet is doing its work, with the schoolyard bully personality riding shotgun.

The pity and danger embodied in this historical improbability is that Peck’s Bad Boy possesses an inordinate influence over the world’s politics and economy. He could cause famine or calamity in disparate parts of the globe.

Apart from this terrible tyro’s unfitness to fill such a demanding position, he brings to a revered public office a certain undesirable business and show business deportment. Along with ignoring the Constitution’s prohibition against emoluments, he promotes nepotism in-house and glaringly refuses to disencourage the same in foreign affairs. Additionally, to the detriment of more serious items on his plate, he seems unable to break his hypnotic attraction to the television screen and the Twitter world. This weird, daily activity on the part of the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, is the cause of his latest dust-up with two cable TV personalities.

What began with a tweet against the duo -- including a particularly nasty dig at the female – has now resulted in an unbecoming, back and forth, headline war between a cable network channel and the White House. It turns out that the personal relationships and insults could possibly brush against charges that the president’s association with a scandalmongering publication may result in his abuse of authority.

Again, the pity and danger of bringing the playground into the Oval Office is that none of the kids around the bully dare confront him!

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In Gotham Town, a snotty kid
Ne’er ‘gainst the world his contempt hid.
Ergo, ‘twas, one day,
Shy kids came to play:
“Please, do not bully us!” – He did...

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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