Trump Silence lambs

The President of the United States has become a blatant, conscious, agent of the Soviet Union cum Russia. Presidents of the United States of the 20th and 21st centuries, deceased and living, must be spinning, as they lie, sit, stand or kneel. The silence of the dead is understandable; but the silence of the living lambs is incomprehensible!

The silence of the president’s party is deafening. This is both sad and serious, since it is obvious the POTUS is afflicted with an epistemological pathology.

They are mum, as he:

• Detracts from the solemn presidential inaugural ceremonies by making obvious, sustained, fantastical claims about crowd sizes

• Makes personally disparaging remarks about duly appointed arbiters of the law

• Precipitously dismisses an acting attorney general, after she reveals a compromised cabinet member

• Delays almost 3 weeks before vacating that compromised post

• Without notice, publicly and pointedly humiliatingly fires the director of the FBI – admittedly for failing to cease an investigation of his administration

• With overwhelming evidence from a preponderance of U.S. intelligence agencies, refuses to acknowledge that Russia, in an overwhelmingly ominous fashion, hacked into and made public exposures from U.S. electoral systems

• Weirdly, has only encomia for the president of our major opponent nation while steadily denigrating and insulting the leaders of our steady, post-WWII allied nations

• While barring U.S. media, entertains two Russian officials in the Oval Office, as Russian photographers record the scene

During that Russia-only meeting, reveals top-secret information that compromises a friendly country and lives in the field

• While on a whirlwind world tour, ingratiates himself to the leaders of the country that supplied the preponderance of the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers

• Consciously and pointedly withdraws U.S. leadership from the fight to preserve the earth’s environment and promote freedom for the people of the world

• Finally and unconvincingly withdraws an eight-year, on-its-face-fallacious vendetta against his predecessor

• Demonstrably early and throughout the primary campaign, proves himself to be an ideal subject for rejection by an appropriately loyal and patriotic political party

Lambs, for the most part, are silent creatures; however, they do upon occasion bleat. These other lambs in question never break their silence – and in that craven, soundless void, it is we whom they cheat!

***** ***** *****

If Satan, somehow, had a twin,
The presidency would he win.
What a crazy thought;
Nightmares are for aught –
Who in the world would let him in?

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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