Trump fiddles

Long before November of 2016, a political black hole had focused its inexorable attraction upon the individuals who were to comprise the new presidential administration of the United States. The whirling dervish creating that black hole is powered by the likes of Vladimir Putin; his compromised gang of oligarchs; Viktor Yanukovych, the ousted president of Ukraine; the nest of Russian spies overlooking D.C.; the coterie of hackers under Russian control; WikiLeaks; Julian Assange; real estate dealings in Florida, Turkey and the Gulf States; and all of the cash-laden, future president’s men slinking in and out of Ukraine, Russia and Cyprus. Because of the reluctant, understaffed intelligence committees of the House and Senate, putting all of this together will be an interminable slog. However, somewhere along the way, the stink may become too strong to resist turning it over to a better-balanced select committee or investigative commission.

The superficial bits of information leaking out, so far, have not been uninformative. We have learned that the greatest sin of all is not even mentioned in the Old Testament (or similar) – it is lying to a vice president! Michael Flynn, a high-ranking cabinet member, was fired for lying to a vice president. Now, what makes this unique is that the lie was not even necessary. The vice president and all others involved were well aware of what the truth was. The sin was, telling the vice president a false version of a truth of which all of those involved were well aware.

That stumbling-blocks defense (SBD) was then carried over into the Congress, when Devin Nunes, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, absent of deftness, in a dramatic fashion attempted a diversion by rushing to the White House with certain revealing intelligence that turned out to be hashed out by that very same White House. He was quickly and humanely put down from his post on the committee – which has avowed a renewed SBD effort.

So it is with the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee. After a noble, announced intention to follow all trails leading to any administration personnel’s connection to the indisputable interposition in our election process by a foreign government, they did not seem able to get past a constant SBD probing of how all of these true facts are seeping into the knowledge of the American People. Despite these SBD digressions, they could not avoid the pure distillation of facts that prove that the administration was unambiguously warned that a major cabinet member was under the thrall of a foreign government, and that it took 18 long days for it to act on that information.

The pity – and danger – inherent in all of this is that the majority political party of this nation is playing footsie with the possibility the administration it voted into office, itself, may be under the influence of a foreign government. This is reprehensible. The attempts of a party to protect an administration involved in a national scandal at least does not expose the country to mortal danger. But, to look aside when that country may be remotely controlled by a homicidal tyrant bent on the destruction of this country’s way of life -- is treasonous!

We must be wary of that whirling dervish!

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Amazing ‘tis how one side beams
And makes such claims to patriots’ dreams.
Ah, but it ain’t so –
Only air, you know.
Red, white and blue ain’t all it seems!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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